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completing the CJK Strokes set.


This html page presents my personal research and conclusions regarding CJK Strokes.  At the bottom, an image shows's current data on CJK Strokes, where improvement are greatly encouraged and there are two propositions to upgrade this data.

Using both traditional and modern references, I have crosschecked and identified 37 CJK strokes (8 basic and 29 complex). I then compared these to's data. It appears that currently provides only 16 CJK strokes (see copy: page 1/3 of the image), coded from 31C0 to 31CF, and provides only 2 of the 8 basic strokes ( Ti [31C0] ; Na [31CF] , the six other being in Kangxi radicals page).

According with most classifications,

  • page 2/3 « Proposal 1: create new codes » show in the 8 first codes the 8 basic strokes. Then, strokes beginning by Heng , then these begining by Shu, then Pie, Wan, Xie, Wo. This seems to be the more efficient order.
  • According with current data, the page 3/3 « Proposal 2: completing current data » shows a way to upgrade's CJK Strokes page. This way being more convenient to upgrade, but less accurate.

In conclusion, it is advisable to upgrade the unicode CJK Stroke page as soon as possible, making a set of 37 CJK Strokes: 8 basics, 29 complex.

To do this :

  • page 3/3 « Proposal 2: completing current data » can be done quickly,
  • page 2/3 « Proposal 1: create new codes » is what the final version should be.

The following png images show, following's protocols, how the CJK Strokes page may be upgraded to be fully accurate.

Brief conclusions of the research:

At least: should provide a bigger set of CJK strokes. At less the 8 basics strokes H S D [T] P N G W. At best completing the 16 CJK Strokes set to a 37 CJK Strokes set shown in ¨Proposal 2 : completing current data¨.

Ideally: For this improvement, the Proposal 1 : create new codes -clearer- is encouraged.


  • FAZZIOLI E., Caractères chinois du dessin a l´idée, 214 clefs pour comprendre la Chine, Flammarion, Paris, 1987, 252p. See page XX : 24 traits de base [24 basic strokes].
  • Chang yong hanzide bi hua bi X¨, Shanghai jiaoyu. See pages 1 & 2, showing : 6 basic strokes [ D H S P N T ] , and 21 complexes = 27 CJK strokes.
  • Calligraphies of Yan Zhenqing, wellknow for his clear traditionnal Kaishu calligraphy.
  • Several other calligraphic books , Kaishu calligraphy.

Summary by image :

Unicode CJK Strokes proposal.png

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