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The Upload Wizard can upload flies directly from Flickr. This featured was deployed on Wikimedia Commons in December 2012, accessible to administrators and image-reviewers only for the testing phase.


  • Allows uploads of individual files or whole Flickr albums (up to 50 images)
  • Commons filename choice:
    • Use filenames created from Flickr metadata by default
    • Upload Wizard allows to modify each name or specify single name and add automatic numbering
  • Categories, geolocations, date and description can be added individually or to the whole batch
  • Descriptions can be provided in multiple languages


Bugs and missing features[edit]

All bugs are tracked on Bugzilla : bugzilla:43450

Known limitations include:

  • 50 images per album bugzilla:42979
  • Upload Wizard is not able to copy some files:
    • There seem to be issues with files that have () or [] brackets in the Flickr metadata which is used to create default Commons filenames.
    • Some files complain about unrecognized MIME type even if the file seems to be proper jpg.
    • Files with html in EXIF data can not be uploaded (give "This file might be corrupt, or have the wrong extension." error) bugzilla:30095