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This page lists recent Upload Wizard updates and important notes related to them. Recent news:

  • : Major update:
    • (Bugzilla32353, Bugzilla37040) - Disabled multi-file selection in Opera and Firefox <= 3.6 since we cannot currently reliably support it in those browsers.
    • (Bugzilla26167) Files now start uploading immediately when selected (this can be disabled server-side if there are problems with it)
    • (Bugzilla28850) Improved category interface: You no longer need to confirm each category, and the indicator that a category does not exist is passive as opposed to a scary dialog.
    • The 'skip tutorial' step is now saved as a user preference instead of a cookie -- so the tutorial won't come back every time you switch computers anymore. (You will see the tutorial again if you have previously dismissed it.)
    • Render client-side thumbnails for GIF and PNG files.
    • When selecting multiple files, we previously disabled client-side thumbnailing for performance reasons. We now render all client-side thumbnails for a multi-file batch unless the size of the batch exceeds 10 MB, as opposed to disabling thumbnails for multi-file batches.
    • (Bugzilla36829) Very large files no longer cause Upload Wizard to crash. (Upload Wizard was attempting to extract JPEG metadata even from video files and other large files.) This should enable us to properly test chunked uploading.
    • Campaigns API: Initial API for fetching upload campaign metadata ('action=uploadcampaign'), to be used by Wiki Loves Monuments mobile app.
    • (Bugzilla35702) All "legal code" links in the license chooser should work again.
    • Fix the "Upload more files" functionality (after an entire upload batch has been completed) which was broken by a recent deployment.
  • : A new feature to copy the description of the first file to all uploads was deployed with the 1.20wmf3 deployment. This resolved Bugzilla26065. (announce)
  • : Several bugs were fixed as part of the 1.20wmf2 deployment:
    • (Bugzilla32246) Weird behavior when clicking on the name or the thumbnail of the file
    • (Bugzilla35870) Fix pre-upload preview on IE 10 for Special:UploadWizard
    • Experimental opt-in mode for UploadWizard's chunked uploads feature (not enabled yet)
    • Fix display order of uploaded files.
    • (Bugzilla33337) Large Thumbnail Preview popup has scrollbar
    • Show error if selected file is too large
    • Support chunked uploads in IE 10
  • : Users can now choose a default license for all uploads in their user preferences under section "Upload Wizard" (bug 24702). All license choices now also link to the legal code of a license. The built-in feedback form more prominently links to Bugzilla.
  • : Multi-file selection has been re-enabled, without chunked uploads. The chunking protocol still needs work. Most users won't notice any difference.
  • : Multi-file selection and chunked uploads have been temporarily disabled due to some issues in the code. We will re-enable this functionality next week.
  • : Major update:
    • Support for multi-file selection added in browsers which support it.
    • Support for custom wikitext licenses and license previews added. Note: To check whether your chosen licensing template is valid, it is evaluated whether the added template is part of Category:License tags or its subcategories. This check can currently cause multiple slowdowns at different steps of the upload.
    • Support for chunked uploads added. This increases the reliability of large uploads.
    • Support for geodata extraction added. Geo-coordinates embedded in files will be displayed on the description page using the Location dec template.
    • Changes to licensing options. The Free Art License has been removed. By default, uploads that are not the uploader's own work are marked for review and possible deletion, unless the uploader chooses a different licensing option.