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Thare are several ways tae upload media tae Wikimedia Commons.

Integratit tuils[edit]

Upload Wizard[edit]

The default tuil, accessible frae the « Upload a file » link in the left menu.

Possible customisation: default license in Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-uploads

GLAMwiki Toolset[edit]

An advanced tool that allows GLAMs to automatically upload large batches of digital versions of their collections.


This ECMAScript can be integrated with the importScript(); feature for uploads with a chosen chunk size. It avoids some Upload Stash oddities not yet handled by the Upload Wizard.

  • Supports individual uploads up to 2 GB

Standalone desktop applications[edit]

Commonist interface
VicuñaUploader interface
ComeOn! interface.


Commonist is a Java program for easy upload o lairger nummers o images tae Wikimedia Commons an ither MediaWiki installations.


VicuñaUploader is a free tuil written in Java designed tae upload files tae Wikimedia Commons an ither Wikimedia projects. It is a bit similar tae Commonist but haes some mair functionality an different uiser interface.



ComeOn! is a free tool written in Java to upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons with extended support for JPEG metadata and its use in page templates. It is currently in beta mode but stable. It also supports audio files.



Pattypan is an open-source tool written in Java to upload files to Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects using spreadsheets.

Image saftware extension[edit]

KIPI uploader configuration

KIPI uploader[edit]

A KIPI plugin for digiKam an Gwenview wis made for easy upload o lairger nummers o images tae Wikimedia Commons an ither MediaWiki installations.


A plugin for Adobe Lightroom that lets you export files to MediaWiki. Currently in beta state.

Smartphone applications[edit]

Further information: Commons:Mobile app

Upload tae Commons wi Android[edit]

A free Android app is available for uploadin images directly frae the mobile phone tae Commons. (Android 2.3+ operatin seestem required). The tuil can be foond at the Market. Ye mey adapt it for yer ain purposes uisin the GNU soorce code frae github.

Upload tae Commons wi iPhone[edit]

An offeecial Wikimedia Commons uploader app for iOS is in development (as o Februar 2013). [$link is available] unner GPLv2 license.

Transfer tuils[edit]

Uploadin frae Flickr[edit]

Thare are various tuils tae help upload files frae Flickr.

  • [$link1 Flickr upload bot] - The staundart upload bot. Makes uploadin wi aw the correct info much easier.
  • Flickr2Commons - This ane is faster nor the main Flickr upload bot (which can move really slowly occasionally an taks mair clicks as it requires ye tae edit the image page), however a [User:Odie5533/F2ComButton TUSC login] is needed here an it adds a bunch o uiseless an redundant categories (but this ane automatically adds geolocation information).
  • F2ComButton - A tuil which adds buttons tae Flickr tae easily upload images yerself or uisin Magnus's tuil.
  • Flinfo - For fowk who want tae upload Flickr picturs bi themselves.
  • FlickrLickr - A collaborative vettin process for selectin free (Creative Commons CC-BY) photos frae Flickr, improvin thair metadata, an uploadin them tae Commons. No langer maintained an no new accoonts will be creatit.
  • Upload Wizard - If ye are an admeenistrator or image reviewer, ye can import images an photosets frae Flickr via the Upload Wizard.

Commons Helper[edit]

This page will generate code that ye can copy an paste when movin an image frae a Wikipaedia tae Commons. Note that ye still need tae verify the soorce an anly transfer images that hae reasonable licenses. Ye an aa still need tae give the image a category, altho the assistant is hooked up tae CommonSense, so it can suggest them at the same time. Developed bi User:Magnus Manske.

Provided that you have the upload_by_url right, you'll see an additional input box on Special:Upload for selecting the upload source.

Upload by URL[edit]

User's with the upload_by_url right (Image reviewers, Admins, GWToolset users), can directly transfer images from whitelisted websites via the API or via Special:Upload. With the Upload Wizard it is possible to upload files from Flickr.


The URL2commons tool allows all users to directly transfer images from websites to commons.

Internet Archive[edit]

IA Upload is available for everyone (uses OAuth) to upload DjVu files of books from the Internet Archive. You select any free IA book and the {{book}} template is prefilled (you are given a chance to edit it before upload).

If the desired book is not yet on Internet Archive, you can use BUB (Book Uploader Bot) to request its addition from another source. The job is entirely automatic, accepts requests for multiple books at once, and can notify by email when the book is ready with a link to ia-upload to complete the transfer.

Internet Archive also provides conversion of video from any format to ogv. You are advised to upload the video at the highest quality you have, up to about 400 GB per item.

For comprehensive help on how to use the Internet Archive for Wikisource and other Wikimedia activities, refer to s:en:Help:DjVu files#The Internet Archive.


See Commons:video2commons

  • Use video2commons to upload any video from the web. The tools automatically converts videos to a Commons-compatible format. (OAuth)
  • Use Videoconvert to upload mp4 and other format files. The tool will automatically convert and upload the videos.