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Boarisch: Diese Untaseitn zoagt de Userboxn fyr de Heakunft von de Kontinente Nord- und Sydamerika å.
Deutsch: Diese Unterseite zeigt die Userboxen für die Herkunft vom Kontinente Nord- und Südamerika an.
English: This subpage shows the userboxes for the origin of the continents of North and South America.


Code Result
{{User America}}
Americas (orthographic projection).svg This user comes from America.
{{User North America}}
North America (orthographic projection).svg This user comes from North America.
{{User South America}}
South America (orthographic projection).svg This user comes from South America.
{{User Latin America}}
Latin America (orthographic projection).svg This user comes from Latin America.

North America[edit]

Code Result
{{User Canada}}
Flag of Canada.svg This user comes from Canada.
{{User Mexico}}
Mexico Flag Map.svg This user comes from Mexico.
{{User United Mexican States}}
Seal of the Government of Mexico (linear).svg This user comes from
United Mexican States.
{{User United States}}
{{User El Salvador}}
El Salvador Stub.svg This user was born in El Salvador.

South America[edit]

Code Result
{{User Argentina}}
Argentina-map-flag-small.png This user was born in Argentina.
{{User Brazil}}
Map of Brazil with flag.svg This user comes from Brazil.
{{User Brazil-RS}}
{{User Chile}}
Flag of Chile.svg This user comes from Chile.
{{User Colombia}}
Flag-map of Colombia.svg This user was born in Colombia.
{{User Ecuador}}
Flag-map of Ecuador.svg This user comes from Ecuador.
{{User Peru}}
Flag of Peru (state).svg This user comes from Peru.
{{User Venezuela}}
Flag-map of Venezuela.svg This user comes from Venezuela.

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