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Development of the Nestlings of Blackbirds

promoted to Valued image set: Turdus merula (Blackbird), juvenile

Von jedem Tag der Entwicklung der jungen Vögel existiert mindestens ein Bild. Die fünf Eier wurde im 24 Stunden Rhythmus in der Zeit vom 1.Mai bis 5.Mai gelegt. Ab dem 4.Mai wurden die Eier vom Weibchen bebrütet. Am 17.Mai sind die ersten drei Jungvögel geschlüpft. Am 31.Mai haben sie das Nest verlassen.

From each day of development of the young birds exists at least one image. The five eggs were placed in a 24 hour rhythm in the period from May 1 to May 5. As of May 4, the eggs are incubated by the female. On May 17 the first three chicks have hatched. On May 31 they left the nest.

Nominated by Romate (talk) on 2010-08-08 16:50 (UTC)
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Turdus merula (Blackbird), juvenile
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