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Candidates are promoted/declined based on the following rules. All votes are counted up to the time the nomination is closed (ie votes are never excluded for being too late). Unassessed candidates, candidates gaining an overall neutral support, and Most Valued Review (MVR) candidates where there is no clear winner, are closed as "undecided" and can be renominated at any time. An image which has previously been declined may be renominated within the same scope only if the issues leading to the original decline have been addressed.

A support vote that was made before a change of scope is not counted unless it is reconfirmed afterwards; an oppose vote is counted unless it is changed or withdrawn.

Image and set nominations[edit]

Nominations can be closed after a period of 4 or 7 days (depending on its status), but only if more than 48 hours have passed since the last vote ( Support,  Neutral, or  Oppose).

Result Status Action Min. Review period
All  Support or all  Oppose votes Supported/Opposed Promote/decline 4 days
Unequal numbers of  Support and  Oppose votes (at least one of each) Discussed Promote/decline based on the majority vote 7 days
Equal numbers of  Support and  Oppose votes (at least one of each) Discussed Close as undecided 7 days
No votes at all Nominated Close as undecided 7 days

Most Valued Reviews[edit]

MVRs can be closed after the latest of: (a) 7 days after the last candidate was added, and (b) 48 hours after the last vote on any candidate.

Result of MVR Action
There is a single winner with a score of +1 or more Promote the winner. Decline all others and demote any that are already a VI within the scope
All other cases Close all candidates as undecided. No demotions.

Where the score which is calculated as:

score = (number of  Support) minus (number of  Oppose).