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Det här är ett projekt för att samla röstinspelningar av personer som har wikipediaartiklar. Projektet startades av Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing), "Requesting open-licensed, open-format recordings of the voices of Wikipedia subjects for Wikimedia Commons" och översattes till svenska av Axel Pettersson (användare:Haxpett), Din röst på Wikipedia.


So that we know how a notable person pronounce their own names and what they sound like. The sound of their voice can be helpful, for example:

  • as a way of identifying a person for people that have a vision impairment
  • to confirm a person's identity, if you've heard them on, say, the radio
  • to distinguish them from someone else with the same name

The pronunciation is useful:

  • if you are about to meet them
  • if you are about to mention them in a presentation or on air

In fact, you’d have the canonical pronunciation of their name: their own.

Hur gör du[edit]

If you are the subject of a Wikipedia article, please upload a FLAC or ogg audio recording of your own, normal speaking voice.

Om du är Wikipedian och träffar personer som har artiklar, spela in dom och ladda upp filerna.

Om du behärskar flera språk går det bra att bidra med inspelningar på alla språk, uppdelade på en inspelning per språk.

Jag kan inte[edit]

If you can't make a FLAC or ogg file (or don't know what that means) you can upload a Wav, mp3 or other audio file to your own website, or a service like, or, or email it to Wikimedia Commons and release it under an open licence, and we'll do the conversion for you. Please drop a note on this page's talk page if you do; or if you have questions or need help.

Vad ska du säga[edit]

Till exempel:

“Hej, jag heter [namn], jag föddes i [plats] [år] och är [yrke/aktivitet/relevansanledning] sen [år].”

You're welcome to say more!

Det finns exempel att lyssna på i både den svenska och engelska projektkategorin.

Vad du inte ska säga[edit]

  • Don't mention that you're making a recording for Wikipedia/Wikipedia Commons
  • No advertising, pitching for work, advocacy, proselytizing or politics.

Further steps[edit]

  • Add a link to the recording, from the subject's page on Wikidata, using P990, with a qualifier specifying the language used.
  • Transcribe the recording, as Timed Text captions.

The files[edit]

Files are sorted into categories, by language. See a list of categories, at Category:Voice intro project.


see Commons:Voice intro project/Coverage