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WLX Jury Tool is an image selection and rating tool for Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth contests.

It is developed in Ukraine by Ilya. You can access it at


On gallery page jurors or organizing committee can browse the images, see the rating or selection status of each image, open large image view page.

Images can be filtered by their status - unrated, and selected or rejected in selection rounds or rated in rating rounds.

In rating rounds images are sorted by their rating.

Organizing committee can see the votes of each juror separately or the overall rating of all jurors together.

Large image view[edit]

In large image view there is vertical ribbon of image thumbnails on the left and large currently viewed image on the right.

User can go backward or forward with navigation buttons or arrow keys on the keyboard, or can click the thumbnails in the ribbon

Juror can select (Green button or <Space> key), reject (Red button or <Delete> key) or rate the currently viewed image.

Juror can also comment the image and see other jurors comments.

Organizing committee can see the ratings and comments given by all jurors to the image.

From large image view one can return to gallery view (Gallery button or <Esc> key), visit image page on commons by clicking the large image, or open full resolution version of the image. Caption of the full resolution image version link shows image resolution.

Organizer view[edit]

Organizer view allows to see all votes and statistics, but does not allow to configure anything

Admin view[edit]

Admin view is detailed on a separate page

Usage and development history[edit]

  1. WLE 2013 in Ukraine - no jury tool used, understood we need it.
  2. WLM 2013 in Ukraine
    1. tried international jury tool (wlmpa)
      1. did not like the ui
      2. problems and delays with configuring
      3. did not support features like distributing images among jury members
    2. wrote first version (10.14.2013 - large and gallery modes, select/reject rounds)
  3. WLE 2014 in Ukraine, Nepal, Ghana, International jury
  4. WLM 2014 in Ukraine, Czech Republic
  5. Wiki Loves Earth 2015 used by 16 countries
  6. Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 - used by 18 countries


Detailed features description[edit]

In progress

feature role description
List users in a contest admin
Add, edit, remove users in a contest admin
Add, edit, rounds in a contest admin
Add images to a contest database admin
Append new images to existing list of images in a contest database admin
Distribute images in a round among jurors admin
Distribute new (not distributed among jurors) images in a round among jurors admin
Distribute images to newly added jurors admin
Give all images in a round to all jurors admin
Divide images in a round in equal part and give each juror his part admin


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  • Ukraine: did not like wlmpa, wrote this one
  • Czech Republic: first used wlmpa, then Poland's tool, then Ukraine's.