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Why Wikimedia Commons?[edit]

✔️ It is a nonprofit public free-media repository maintained by volunteer community
✔️ Keeps full resolution - it do not compress image's quality
✔️ No upload limit - You can upload any free licensed image that has educational or informative value. (See Project scope)
✔️ Permanent - valid images with in its scope are there forever, unlike flickr which deletes older images when pro account expires
✔️ It is an educational charity project (see mission)

Welcome iNaturalists![edit]

Hi! If you like uploading to iNaturalist or, please also upload your quality photos to Wikimedia Commons under a free license. Wikimedia Commons preserves the full resolution of photos and also help educate the world. Uploading is quite easy:

  • Click Upload
  • If you are the photographer, make sure to specify a license such as {{Self|cc-by-sa-4.0}}
  • If you are not familiar with adding descriptions or want to save time during bulk uploading, you can put {{Unfinished|join-in=yes}} in the description section. After your uploading is finished, the community will fill the textual descriptions and categories.
👎 Note that iNaturalist and heavily compress images, so please upload the best resolution you have with you. If possible, you may link to your observation at iNaturalist.

Thank you and happy uploading!

Welcome for Flickr users[edit]

👎 Flickr deletes older images beyond its 1000 image limit when pro account expires. So please upload all your freely licensed images to Wikimedia Commons, as it keeps images at full resolution and do not have an image limit.