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Wikimedia Commons sī siáⁿ-mih?

Wikimedia Commons sī 1--ê muî-thé tóng-àn chu-liāu-khò͘, chit--ê chu-liāu-khò͘ ū thê-kiong chiâⁿ chē chióng oē--ê soat-bêng, hō͘ tāi-chiòng thang tit tio̍h ha̍k-si̍p muî-thé loē-iông (iū tô͘-siōng, siaⁿ-im kap iáⁿ-phìⁿ), i mā sī Wikimedia Foundation--ê kok-chióng choan-àn kè-oē--ê kiōng-tông chu-liāu-khò͘ (m̄-koh lí bô su-iàu ka-ji̍p hiah--ê choan-àn, tō thang sú-iōng chiah--ê muî-thé), chit--ê chu-liāu-khò͘--ê kiàn-li̍p kap uî-hō͘ sī chū-goān gī-kang--leh chhú-lí, m̄-sī ài hù kang-chîⁿ--ê chit-oân--leh choè. Nā boeh chai-iáⁿ chu-liāu-khò͘--ê hoān-uî kàu tah? Chhiáⁿ lí khoàⁿ «kè-oē choan-àn hoān-uî» chiah ia̍h, nā koan-hē Wikimedia Commons--ê poē-kíng, lí ē-sái khoàⁿ «Bián chek seng-bêng»Wikipedia--ê «Wikimedia Commons» kap Meta-wiki--ê «Wikimedia Commons» chit kuí phiⁿ bûn-chiuⁿ.

Wikimedia Commons chhin-chhiūⁿ Wikipedia sái wiki ki-su̍t, ta̍k-ê-lâng long ē-sái siá. Tī Wikimedia Commons chiūⁿ-chài--ê tóng-àn ē-sái ti̍t-chiap sú-iōng tī Wikimedia--ê só͘-ū kè-oē choan-àn bāng-ia̍h--leh, bô chhin-chhiūⁿ kî-thaⁿ--ê choan-àn chiūⁿ-chài--ê tóng-àn, pa̍t--ê tóng-àn ài koh chiūⁿ-chai chi̍t-pái chiah thang iōng.

Uì 2004-nî 9-goe̍h 7-ji̍t siat-li̍p chiūⁿ-chai muî-thé tóng-àn, kàu 2006-nî 11--goe̍h 30-ji̍t chiah ji̍t ta̍t-kàu 100-bān kiāⁿ, chit-má ū 106,323,979 kiān tóng-àn, kap 102,915,347 phiⁿ bûn-chiuⁿ.

Unlike traditional media repositories, Wikimedia Commons is free. Everyone is allowed to copy, use and modify any files here freely as long as they follow the terms specified by the author; this often means crediting the source and author(s) appropriately and releasing copies/improvements under the same freedom to others. The license conditions of each individual media file can be found on their description page. The Wikimedia Commons database itself and the texts in it are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. More information on re-use can be found at Commons:內容在維基媒體外的二次使用 and Commons:First steps/Reuse.


You can improve Wikimedia Commons most if you contribute what you can do best:

Contribute your work

If you're a good photographer, don't hesitate to contribute your valuable images. If you're a good designer, look which diagrams and animations are badly needed.

Contribute your skills

However you do not need to upload your own files. There is plenty of other very important work to do:

Contribute your time

You even do not need to be an artist or good at writing help texts. If you feel at home with creating order from chaos, then we could use your helping hand!



In order to be able to upload files on Wikimedia Commons, you need to be logged in. You can register at the "Log in / create account" link in the upper right corner and enter a user name that will be used at all of your uploads/edits on images and texts. However if you just want to edit pages you don't need to be logged in (although it is encouraged). If you have taken advantage of unified login, then you are already signed up at Commons.

First steps tutorial

Our first steps help file and our FAQ will help you a lot after registration. They explain how to customize the interface (for example the language), how to upload files and our basic licensing policy. You don't need technical skills in order to contribute here. Be bold contributing here and assume good faith for the intentions of others. This is a wiki—it is really easy.

More information is available at the Community Portal. You may ask questions at the Village Pump or on IRC channel #wikimedia-commons webchat.

Files on Wikimedia Commons are organized in categories and galleries. An overview of the categories we use is available on the Main Page.

Put Babel boxes on your user page so others know what languages you can speak and indicate your graphic abilities. All your uploads are stored in your personal gallery. Please sign your name on Talk pages by typing ~~~~. If you're copying files from another project, be sure to use the FileImporter.

Additional services and software

If you want to upload large numbers of images, there are many upload tools that can be used, like for example VicuñaUploader. If you need specific information on tools for viewing or editing our content please see the software page and tools page.

We hope that you will enjoy it here and that you will have fun.