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Commons:WikiProject Arts/Manual of Style/Gallery pages
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Main page: Commons:Galleries.

Topics of gallery pages[edit]

Related to artists or of groups (Œuvres)[edit]

Category:Œuvre galleries



Example: Rembrandt/Paintings · Pedro Berruguete

Related to colletcions[edit]


Example: Alte Pinakothek

Related to eras, genres and styles[edit]


Example: [[]]


  • {{Creator}} should be included in the beginning of any artist page, right now most start with a sentence. See above for the same procedure in categories.
  • Sub-categories of an artist should not have a creator template in it unsolved
  • Check if an implementation towards Commons gallery pages related to the
    • artist
    • collection
    • genre
    • ...

is appropriate.


All gallery pages must be attached to at least one category.

Policies/Help: Commons:Galleries

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