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This WikiProject descends from commons:WikiProject Tree of Life. It aims primarily to document in photograph, sound and video all species of birds.

There are approximately ten thousand living bird species (and about 120–130 extinct species), making them the most diverse class of terrestrial vertebrate. The taxonomy will adhere to that used by our sister project wikispecies, as far as possible. Collaboration with Wikidata and other projects is essential. Some 3rd party websites are using files from Commons and Wikidata is an excellent tool to enable and monitor the this flow of files.

This project should help us fill the gaps and identify unidentified birds already on Commons, and other aspects such as videos of social behaviour, communication. It will help to improve coverage and attempt to inspire new contributors.

New to Commons?[edit]

There are a number of excellent training materials to help you upload your files. Use the 'Upload file' button, just below the Wikimedia Commons icon. That will allow you to use the Upload Wizard. For further help on using this tool, see: Commons:Upload Wizard FAQ or take a look at a few videos here.

Fill the gaps![edit]

1. Avalable bird songs - this is a growing list, generated from Wikidata, showing the species on Wikidata which have a soundfile as one of their properties (p51). We have around 1,700 sounclips on commons which are not yet on Wikidata, many which need identifying. Here's a good place to start and then try the 675 birdsong from Category:Xeno-canto.

2. Missing images at Wikidata - a decreasing list of all birds which don't have an image. A great place to start to keep tabs of where to search next. Once you've uploaded an image (or identified an unknown bird already on Commons, you can add it to its Wikidata item and it will disappear from the this list.

3. Missing images at Wikidata (Welsh) - this list is for Llên Natur folk, who work mainly through the Welsh language. You can see the outcome of their work on their external website, which take its images directly from Commons! They also link back to the relevant article on Wicipedia Cymraeg.

4. Identify unidentified birds already on Commons - use this tool on wmflabs. Click on 'Run' to generate a list of suggested images.


see discussion page


Discussing strategies & organization. (and collecting stuff, of course).


There are several types of media (photos, drawings, video and sound). Photos, video and sound seem to be most apt for birds. Please note that the minimum resolution for images is 2 Mpixels. Ideally, for each species of bird, all stages of development should be photographed and recorded in video and sound.

It would be good to have videos of at least the movement and sexual reproduction process. Images of eggs are also welcomed, and hopefuly will also be itemed to individual Wikidata species in the near future.



Maintenance lists


See Animals and zoology


Move unidentified species into the closest higher taxon that you can reliably identify or leave in Category:Unidentified_birds. People with greater knowledge can check that category and all categories above species level for birds they can further classify. Post a note on the talk page for any id requests.

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