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English: The Commons WikiProject Canada deals with Canadian public domain image, video, and sound issues. It has been established in June 2008 to create consistency in media naming and categories on commons for Canadian related media. To do so, the project proposes flexible guidelines to face problems such as: naming, managing category trees, and describing photographs. Besides uploading media, you can also help improve images. Images/media which are inaccurate or of poor quality can be identified and improved upon. There could also be established an interwiki link to Wikimedia Canada and Wikipedia WikiProject Canada. There could be support given to Wikimedia to organise drives to produce free photos of Canadian locations and petition Canadian governments to allow Commons to use some photos under crown copyright. The aim is to provide public domain media for every Canadian article. The emphasis is to detect missing pictures, missing categories and articles. For articles without images, find and upload media to wikipedia article. Any featured images should be rotated on the English Portal:Canada as well as on the French Portail:Canada The Canadian Commons Wikiproject should help us to spot the areas of weak coverage, help to identify unidentified articles, see what aspects, provinces and work groups need improved coverage.

As of November 7, 2007, there are 3320 articles within the scope of WikiProject Canada, of which 54 articles are featured, and 9 images which were featured.
Français : Le Wikiprojet Canada du Commons

Unite English and French media coverage (unir anglais et en français la couverture médiatique)[edit]

English: Illustrate the articles with authorized images. Coordination of projects (Meta-Wiki)
Français : Illustrer les articles avec des images autorisées. Coordination des projets (Méta-Wiki)

Image naming[edit]

Image names should be as descriptive and relevant as possible, following upload guidelines. For Canadian items, reaching this goal can be achieved by providing such necessary informations as:

  • Keywords describing the work:
    • Subject (if no title/author)
    • English and French naming
    • Anglais et français nommer ou description de l'objet
    • Place name
    • Date of work (in case of ambiguity);
    • Name of the topic (follow the category name as much as possible);
    • Author (if known/relevant),
    • Title or name (if any),
    • Type of work (if no title/author),
  • Version information (when several versions of the same work are taken, a numbering—n1, n2—, a photograph date—2024-02-23—or any detail name—front, arm—could be used).

Further information could be added, but remember to keep image names short and useful for everybody.


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Featured media[edit]





Mont-Tremblant Quebec Canada
Montreal Twilight Panorama, Canada




For this purpose, it may be helpful to sign up to TUSC account and use the FIST, the Free Image Search Tool.

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Inter-Wiki discussions[edit]


English: Categories are the most convenient way to manage the whole collection of a countries geographical/political subdivisions as well as workgroups to enhance locating images. As there are many different situations depending on the geographical location/workgroup, it is wise to look into the Canadian category tree to see what exists already, and proceed from there. List new photos by Canadian place, photo topic or subject, year, season. List building by architecture, brick or wooden building, building use ie school, stadium, church etc. If uploading more than one photo in a specific area begin a new sub category within a main category within a few main categories. If it is a geographical feature such as a Canadian lake it may fall into a geographical category such as Category:Lakes as well as a Canadian category.