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The WikiProject Check Wikipedia will help to clean up the syntax of Wikipedia and to find some other errors.

Betatest - At the moment the script has some bugs and not every error on this page is an actual error.

  • With the last limited scan the script checked 230 articles.
  • At the moment the script identified 475 ideas for improvement in 223 articles.
  • Scan begin: 2009-11-28 01:08 and end: 2009-11-28 01:09 (GMT, Toolserver)
  • Duration: 0 min. 52 sec.

Project description in English[edit]

  • What is the goal of this project?
    • This project should help to clean up the data of all articles in many different languages.
    • If we have a clear and clean syntax in all articles more projects (for example: Wikipedia-DVD) can use our data more easily.
    • The project was inspired by en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Wiki Syntax.
    • In order to use the data of a Wikipedia project without the Mediawiki software you need to write a parser. If many articles include wrong syntax it is difficult to program the parser since it needs to be complex enough to recognize the syntax errors.
    • This project helps to find many errors in all kinds of language and will support many languages in the future.
  • How does it work?
    • The script scans every new dump and creates a list of articles with errors.
    • The script scans all articles on the list on a daily basis to create a new list for users, omitting already-corrected articles.
    • The script is written in Perl by: Stefan Kühn
    • You can download the script here. It is licensed under GPL.
    • New features, last changes and discussion.
  • What can you do?
    • The script creates a new error page at the toolserver every day. Please copy and paste the daily updated page at the toolserver (See downloads) to this page here. Attention: That page is a UTF-8 document. In case your browser cannot display the file in UTF-8 you can copy it into a text editor (for example: Notepad++) and convert it to UTF-8.
    • You can fix an error in one or more articles.
    • You can delete all fixed articles from this list.
    • If all articles in one category have been fixed you can delete this category.
    • You can suggest a new category of errors to the author of the script.
    • You can also inform the author if you want this project to be implemented into your language's Wikipedia.
  • Please don't…
    • insert an article by hand since it will disappear from the list with the next automatic update of this page.
    • try to fix spelling mistakes within this page since all manual changes will disappear as well with the next update. Instead, send an e-mail or message to the author so he can fix the spelling in the script.