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This WikiProject is dedicated to the creation, use and maintenance of templates in the Creator namespace. All pages in that namespace should use {{Creator}} template and be used in author/artist fields of {{Painting}}/{{Information}} templates. Ideally all files of known authors claiming Public domain due to copyright expiration should use {{Creator}} template to support their claims.

Creator pages should be brief but provide handy links to relevant galleries on Commons or articles in Wikipedias, where more information can be found.

At the moment there are 32,616 {{Creator}} templates.

If you have questions regarding the use or handling of creator pages please ask on the this discussion page.


Task in Creator: namespace[edit]

Task in Category: namespace[edit]

Category schema of categories related to Creator pages

Task in File: namespace[edit]

  • Inclusion of Creator pages in files that could use them
    • This code is being used to test if it is possible to add creator templates to files. All files using {{PD-Art}} and {{PD-Old}} are being tested.
  • Validation of PD-old files with help of Creator template. See here.
  • Removal of direct use of {{creator}} template outside of Creator namespace. [2]


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