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Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest Project!


The project was started by Albin Olsson (User:abbedabb) in 2013.

The purpose is to take high quality photos at the Eurovision Song Contest. The plan is that the contest should be covered by a wikipedian every year. Preferably someone who lives in the host country, but of course anyone who can participate.


2013 - Malmö, Sweden[edit]

The project started i 2013 when Albin Olsson, (User:abbedabb) applied for a press accreditation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö. The project was in a way a test, but it turned ut very good with over 800 uploaded files.

Albin normally lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, but lived in a friends apartment in Malmö for one week during the Eurovision. He payed for his own travels to Malmö and back but borrowed a camera and equipment from Wikimedia Sweden's technology pool.


2014 - Copenhagen, Denmark[edit]

One of the goals of he Eurovision Song Contest Project is that wikipedians in the host country should continue the project. However, when Denmark got to host the contest in 2014, Albin Olsson continued the project for another year. Denmark and Sweden are neighboring countries, and Wikimedia Denmark was not very active. This years project was even more successful, with over 1 000 uploaded files, and video presentations of all the participating artists. A lot was learned from the previous year, and Albin stayed in Copenhagen during the two Eurovision weeks.

Wikimedia Sweden payed for Albin's travels to and from Copenhagen, and once again he borrowed the camera and equipment from the Wikimedia Sweden technology pool. He stayed in the apartment of a member of Wikimedia Denmark.


Wikimedia Foundation blog, 10 May 2014: “No interviews. Except for Wikipedia!” – Documenting the Eurovision Song Contest on Wikimedia Commons

2015 - Vienna, Austria[edit]

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 was covered by Wikimedia Österreich (Wikimedia Austria).


2016 - Stockholm, Sweden[edit]

Sweden got to host the Eurovision Song Contest once again, and Albin Olsson applied for an accreditation. The application was rejected at first, but after almost two weeks the EBU approved the application after all on 27 May. This was only four days before Albin left to Stockholm.

A few weeks before the Eurovision Song Contest, Albin created a template ({{Abbedabb/ESCcaption/i18n}}) that automatically writes captions to his Eurovision Song Contest photos. All that is needed are a few letters and the template writes who is on the photo and when the photo was taken. The template is also translated quite easy. Translating the template will translate captions for over 2000 file pages. The template is also used on file pages for the photos taken during the 2013 and 2014 contest.