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Usual flag map.

The Flag map set has some common characteristics for all its flag-maps:

Country flags[edit]

For a list of countries and their flags, see the following links to the English Wikipedia:

The ultimate goal is a scalable, recognizable flag for every country in the world. Currently there is the following set, grouped by continent and alphabetically by country;


Flag-map of ("country, entry, state, department, province, community, organization, etc").svg

What is SVG?[edit]

Scalable vector graphics (SVG) is an XML specification and file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and animated. It is stored plain-text or compressed (binary). It allows embedding of raster graphics (bitmaps) and text. See:

SVG file type tags[edit]

For making use of elements from other SVG images available on Commons, please use {{attribSVG}} – see Category:Vector images using elements from other vector images

SVG in SVG.svg This vector image includes elements that have been taken or adapted from this: Green x.svg Green x.svg.

All validated SVGs should be tagged {{Image generation}}, you will find them automatically sorted at Category:Valid SVG. Please do not categorize directly.

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The World[edit]

Flag-map of the world.svg

Flag maps of the world for historical use

1900 · 1908 · 1914 · 1930 · 1935 · 1938 · 1942 · 1965 · 1970 · 1972 · 1989 · 2010 · 2012 · 2013 · 2014 · 2015

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North America[edit]


United States[edit]

Central America[edit]


South America[edit]









Czech Republic[edit]



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