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The Commons WikiProject Heraldry deals with heraldry issues. It was established in January 2009.

The goal of this project is to organise and sort the Category:Heraldry and its subcategories, to create consistency in media naming and categories on commons for heraldry related media, and to have high-quality SVG representations of coat of arms.
The final purpose is to make Commons a worldwide roll of arms.


Conventions on categories
Categorization of coats of arms

If there is a single category for this specific coat of arms already (for example: Category:Coats of arms of Amsterdam), put your file in there.
Otherwise, the coat of arms should be put in specific categories:

By bearer type (Category:Coats of arms by bearer type)

For example, if the holder is a person or a family, see Category:Coats of arms of families by country; if it is a municipality or city, see Category:Coats of arms of municipalities by country. You can also find the specific subcategory within Category:Coats of arms by country.

By heraldic features (Category:Coat of arms elements)

Please check if you put your file in all required subcategories:

Which heraldic features appear on the coat of arms ? Where can the specific subcategory be found ?
  • The arms may present external ornaments

The Illustrated atlas of French and English heraldic terms may help you to find these subcategories.

By representation type (Category:Coats of arms by representation type)

If the representation is a SVG image, please look for the specific subcategory within Category:SVG coats of arms.


Naming of files
Naming of files

The name of your uploaded file should be as descriptive and relevant as possible. Simply queue one word after another, don't use a “-” or similar punctuation in between words.

No general standard for file naming has been established yet for Wikimedia Commons (although different WikiProjects have their own guideline). But on Commons an international standard like the ISO 3166-1 (three-letter code for countries) should be recommendable, used as File:CCC subject COA.svg (on the first 3 letters). Consistency is encouraged, but Commons renaming guidelines apply (see COM:MOVE): please do not rename files from one acceptable guideline to another without good reason.

The French-speaking WikiProject:Blasons established that the following information should appear in filenames, in this order:

  1. Coat of arms/arms or corresponding word in another language (Wappen, Stemma, Blason, Herb, etc.)
  2. Subject of the holder of arms : city / family / province / etc.
  3. Country of the holder, by its code : en / fr / de / etc. (give the present country)
  4. Name of the holder (for a city, it can be followed by the territorial subdivision it belongs to, in brackets). For example: Mex (Vaud)
Examples (French)

The German-speaking WikiProject:Wappenwerkstatt uses the ISO 3166-1 standard:


Coat of arms elements
Coat of arms elements

To make easier the drawing of coat of arms, Commons should be organized as a database of SVG elements that can be quickly found by drawers.


French-speaking Wikipedia Coats of arms Project has developed this standard :

  1. Heraldry charge
  2. Name of the charge


The template {{COAInformation}} also supports heraldic elements in it standardized presentation.
It works like {{Artwork}}, except that the Title parameter is replaced by:

|element= : name of the element (use language templates like {{En}} or {{Fr}} to mark language of the text)


  • Add the category Category:SVG coat of arms elements (only if it is a SVG image!)
  • Add the appropriate subcategory within Category:Coat of arms elements
    • Be careful! All these categories (Category:Xyz in heraldry - type) contain images of the element "Xyz" alone and images of coats of arms that bear the element "Xyz". To be quickly found, images of elements alone should appear at the top of the first page of the category. To do that, don't sort it in alphabetical order, but with the symbol *, like below: [[Category:Xyz in heraldry|*]].


Description of coats of arms
Description of coats of arms

  • The description of coat of arms cannot be restricted to the name of the holder :
    • in heraldry the blazon or description of a coat of arms should be given together with its picture, because blazon and picture are two different ways to represent a coat of arms.
    • Always give references as to where blazon or description of a coat of arms come from. It is especially important in countries without heraldic authority, and in case of historical coats of arm.
  • In the case of SVG image, you should use elements from other SVG images available on Commons, but you have to properly attribute these elements.

The template {{COAInformation}} was created to help users giving these informations, and to standardize its presentation.
It works like {{Information}}, except that the Information field is replaced by:

  • |blasonen= : name of the holder of the coat of arms
  • |blasonnement-en= : blazon
  • |ref-en= : references

You can also add in the Source field the SVG images from which you extracted elements:

  • |figure1= |figure2= |figure3= |figure4= |figure5=

This template also works in languages other than English (en); you only need to replace the language code as follows:

Catalan (ca), Czech (cs), Danish (da), German (de), Esperanto (eo), Spanish (es), Basque (eu), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Galician (gl), Hungarian (hu), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Swedish(sv).

Ask here if you want to add another language.
Examples (see image descriptions)


Participants list

  • Zigeuner (fr) (en-2) (de-1)
  • -Strogoff- (fr) (en-2)
  • roux (en) will only be participating from time to time
  • Aroche (fr) (en-2) (es-2)
  • Jimmy44 (fr) (en-0) for french Empire heraldry
  • TownDown (es) (en-4) (ca-4) for spaniard-mexican heraldry and categorization
  • Lokal_Profil (sv) (en-4) (pt-2) (fr-1)
  • Vigneron (fr) (en-2) (de-2), categorization, sysop/admin (on Commons and
  • MacedonianBoy (mk) (en-5), categorization, cleaning up categories and files, uploading new images
  • Darwin (pt) (en-2) (fr-2) (es-2) categorization, Portuguese heraldry, planning to upload a large set of historical depictions of Portuguese coats of arms
  • Sodacan (en) (th) (fr-4) all sorts of stuff, but mostly British
  • Azgar (ru) (en-2) (pl-1), participate here
  • Kiltpin (en) Mainly British
  • tinynanorobots
  • Madboy74 (hu) (en-1) drawing coats of arms (especially for the Hungarian heraldry)
  • fabrizio.rv (it) (en-4) (fr-5), mainly for categorization in Coats of arms to be classified
  • De728631 (de) (en-5) (fr-1) categorisation, SVG versions
  • Wikibelgiaan (nl) (en-5) (fr-4) (it-4) (de-3), mainly Belgian municipal heraldry
  • SajoR (es) (en-0), mainly ecclesiastical Heraldry
  • Dan Koehl (sv) (en-2) (de-2) drawing coats of arms (especially for the Swedish heraldry)
  • OwenBlacker (en) (fr-3) (es-2) (de-2), mainly supporting en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Former countries
  • Almondega (pt-br) (it-3) (en-2) (fr-1)
  • Wikimandia (en) (fr-4) (ru-3), mainly recreating jpgs/pngs to SVG as I come across them, categorization


To do
To-do list