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To make easier the drawing of coat of arms, Commons should be organized as a database of SVG elements that can be quickly found by drawers.


French-speaking Wikipedia Coats of arms Project has developed this standard :

  1. Heraldry charge
  2. Name of the charge


The template {{COAElementInformation}} was elaborated to help users giving these informations, and to standardize its presentation.
It works like {{Information}}, except that the Information field is replaced by:

|meubleen= : name of the element (in English; works also in French, German, Italian, and Spanish)


  • Add the category Category:SVG coat of arms elements (only if it is a SVG image!)
  • Add the appropriate subcategory within Category:Coat of arms elements
    • Be careful! All these categories (Category:Xyz in heraldry - type) contain images of the element "Xyz" alone and images of coats of arms that bear the element "Xyz". To be quickly found, images of elements alone should appear at the top of the first page of the category. To do that, don't sort it in alphabetical order, but with the symbol *, like below: [[Category:Xyz in heraldry|*]].