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  • Zigeuner (fr) (en-2) (de-1)
  • -Strogoff- (fr) (en-2)
  • roux (en) will only be participating from time to time
  • Aroche (fr) (en-2) (es-2)
  • Jimmy44 (fr) (en-0) for french Empire heraldry
  • TownDown (es) (en-4) (ca-4) for spaniard-mexican heraldry and categorization
  • Lokal_Profil (sv) (en-4) (pt-2) (fr-1)
  • Vigneron (fr) (en-2) (de-2), categorization, sysop/admin (on Commons and
  • MacedonianBoy (mk) (en-5), categorization, cleaning up categories and files, uploading new images
  • Darwin (pt) (en-2) (fr-2) (es-2) categorization, Portuguese heraldry, planning to upload a large set of historical depictions of Portuguese coats of arms
  • Sodacan (en) (th) (fr-4) all sorts of stuff, but mostly British
  • Azgar (ru) (en-2) (pl-1), participate here
  • Kiltpin (en) Mainly British
  • tinynanorobots
  • Madboy74 (hu) (en-1) drawing coats of arms (especially for the Hungarian heraldry)
  • fabrizio.rv (it) (en-4) (fr-5), mainly for categorization in Coats of arms to be classified
  • De728631 (de) (en-5) (fr-1) categorisation, SVG versions
  • Wikibelgiaan (nl) (en-5) (fr-4) (it-4) (de-3), mainly Belgian municipal heraldry
  • SajoR (es) (en-0), mainly ecclesiastical Heraldry
  • Dan Koehl (sv) (en-2) (de-2) drawing coats of arms (especially for the Swedish heraldry)
  • OwenBlacker (en) (fr-3) (es-2) (de-2), mainly supporting en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Former countries
  • Almondega (pt-br) (it-3) (en-2) (fr-1)
  • Wikimandia (en) (fr-4) (ru-3), mainly recreating jpgs/pngs to SVG as I come across them, categorization