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Image names should be as descriptive and relevant as possible, following upload guidelines. For museum items, reaching this goal can be achieved by providing such necessary informations as:

  • Keywords describing the work:
    • Author (if known/relevant),
    • Title or name (if any),
    • Type of work (if no title/author),
    • Subject (if no title/author),
    • Date of work (in case of ambiguity);
  • Name of the museum (follow the category name as much as possible);
  • Accession number (if known, should always be mentioned; could be concatenated to avoid confusion);
  • Version information (when several versions of the same work are taken, a numbering—n1, n2—, a photograph date—2018-05-26—or any detail name—front, arm—could be used).

Further informations could be added, but remember to keep image names short and useful for everybody.