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If you would like to participate, please list your username below!


Username Experience Languages Status
JovanCormac (talk · contribs) None en-N, de-N Active
Blurpeace (talk · contribs) Occasional Flickr requests, and assorted personal mailing. en-N, es-1 Semi-active
Abigor (talk · contribs) Got some permissions for Dutch goverment sites. Nl-N, EN-3 Semi-active
Pruneau (talk · contribs) Quite a bit on Flickr; occasional e-mail permissions fr-N, en-4 Semi-active
Mahanga (talk · contribs) Many Flickr requests en-N, es-1 Semi-active
JamesA (talk · contribs) Contacting tourism blogs and Govt tourism depts for Wikivoyage en-N Active
NahidSultan (talk · contribs) Flickr bn-N, en-3 Active
Amanrajveer (talk · contribs) Contacting bollywood/films websites and celebrities for requests en-3 Active
Moheen Reeyad (talk · contribs) Flickr bn-N, en-3 Active Sheetal Parmar}maradd celebrity photo with thair permission Active

Info for all members: I have set up a dedicated e-mail account for sending permission requests. Any member is welcome to use it. The address is (login on and the password is the name of the Greek muse of dance, all lower case. Posting that info here might seem careless, but the project just isn't big right now and I trust that no one will abuse the account until we (hopefully) get one from the Foundation. -- JovanCormac 09:33, 23 November 2009 (UTC)