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Wikiproject Romania


A group of Wikimedians have formed this Commons:WikiProject to better organize, categorize and improve the quality of media and galleries related to Romania.

This project and its subpages contain the suggestions of the participating Wikipedians and it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of others. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and review the Tasks below.

Goals and Scope


The spread of ethnic Romanians

The scope of the project covers all topics related to Romania and the Romanians, including but not limited to:


We at WikiProject on Romania work together to reach the following goals:

  1. Increase the exposure and quality of Romania related media and galleries
  2. Improve every file, category or gallery in the Category:WikiProject Romania cleanup
  3. Ensure that every Romania related file, category or gallery is well described (ideally multilingual), categorized, sourced and licensed
  4. Support other WikiProjects, groups, and editors, who are striving to achieve the same goals






Please help with our current collaboration on this gallery: Romania

The idea is to create a comprehensive gallery for Romania. Here are some suggestions:

Featured Media

Our favorites

Feel free to add your own favorite media, with a short caption

... (see more)

... (see more)

... (see more)

... more (Best pictures of WLM Romania 2011, Jury selection for WLM Romania 2011, Winners of WLM 2011 )



Below is a list of galleries not ready for prime time, which are kept in the project space. You can help to expand and bring them to the main space. To avoid speedy deletion of new/incomplete galleries, it is advised to create them first as subpages of Drafts or in your user space.

Pages with the prefix 'WikiProject Romania/Drafts' in the 'Commons' and 'Commons talk' namespaces:


Current Active Members List

This list includes formally registered members of the project. If you would like to advertise your participation, you can formally join the Commons WikiProject Romania by adding your name to this list!

  1. Codrinb (talk · contribs) - Project infrastructure, organization, categories, galleries; photos with archaeological objects, sites, museums, historical monuments; old maps
  2. Sandhu (talk · contribs) -
  3. Unuplusunu (talk · contribs) - photography, cartoons illustrations
  4. Rsocol (talk · contribs) - photos; categorization
  5. Einstein2 (talk · contribs) - photography, categories
  6. Turbojet (talk · contribs) - photos, categories
  7. Fenescu (talk · contribs) -
  8. Cristiano64 (talk · contribs) - only roman/dacian History
  9. Toniher (talk · contribs) - I'll add cuisine photos. I can help in categories of that topic.
  10. Nicubunu (talk · contribs) - photography, illustration
  11. A.Catalina (talk · contribs) - photos,categories
  12. FlorinCB (talk · contribs) - photos, photos with archaeological objects, categories
  13. Andrei Stroe (talk · contribs) - photos, categorization, i18n
  14. Firilacroco (talk · contribs) - photos
  15. Musichistory2009 (talk · contribs) - categorization, cities and counties of Romania
  16. Nicu farcas (talk · contribs) - photos
  17. Sie (talk · contribs) - maps, photos (especially from Mureș County and Transylvania)

Emeriti Members

This list includes members of the project who have not edited for at least one year; it is manually updated on a periodic basis. If your name has been moved here, please feel free to move it back to the Members list upon your return.


Relevant categories for the project (see project Goals and Scope above):

Fully applicable

Partially applicable


If you think someone you collaborate with might have an interest in this project, put this on his/her talk page.
Use this template at the TOP of a Talk page where the media or gallery relates to Romania or the Romanians. It is designed to help organize the articles and to direct people here.
WikiProject Romania userbox for members. Looks like this:
This user is a member of the Commons WikiProject Romania

Name of the country translated to user's language and with links to Wikipedia articles in user's language
Name of the city translated to user's language and with links to Wikipedia articles in user's language
This template shows the origin Romania
Romanian language collection of templates
Use for photos, categories or galleries of historical monuments in Romania (e.g. Bran Castle)
Category navigation by Romanian County (e.g. Category:Churches in Maramureş County)
Use for photos, categories or galleries of various villages, communes, cities or counties in Romania (e.g. Teleorman County or Bucharest)

For more, including license templates, see Category:Templates related to Romania


Related Projects

Sister projects

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... more Romania-related Flickr groups

Note: Your can help transferring Romania-related images with proper licenses from some of these Flickr groups to Commons using Flickr-to-Commons (individual and mass)

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