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Santa Maria sopra Minerva
Trinità dei Monti
Deutsch: Kirchengebäude in Rom
English: Churches of Rome
Italiano: Chiese di Roma
Latina: Ecclesiae ciuitatis Romae
Русский: Храмы Рима

Churches in Rome is part of WikiProject Rome, and consists of one page.

In the city of Rome, more than 1,000 churches exist. This list wants to show which church images are not represented at Commons aiming the completion of it's related data. It also wants to detect missing articles (galleries) and categories. Another scope is the digital refurbish work of existing pictures.



  1. List all churches and Wikipedia links in alphabetical order
    1. match databases and books
      1. Commons
      2. Wikipedia editions, esp. it and en
      3. Rosendorfer: Kirchenführer Rom (completed 'til No. 40)
  2. detect existing and missing media and place comments behind the entries
  3. protocolling progresses

Progress stage[edit]

Progress bar 20.svg
  • Initiating a basic list (20 %)


  • Chapels are being included in the main church
  • Please do not list churches of the Vatican here


  • Name of the church with Commons article and synonym plus it's category
    • Links to Wikipedia, abbreviated with two or three letter codes according to the Wikimedia Software
    • comments regarding existing and missing pictures


Proposed categories[edit]

other than specific churches

Churches by district[edit]

Category:Churches of Rome by district, being a child of Category:Districts of Rome and Category:Churches in Rome, e.g. Category:Rione I churches · Category:Rione II churches · Category:Rione III churches · Category:Rione IV churches · Category:Rione V churches and so on

all categories need to be adopted

Churches by architect[edit]


See also[edit]

Categories and top level articles in Wikipedia editions


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