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All pages in the template namespace should be categorized under Category:Commons templates. It is a global/common category (i.e. non-language specific) and is not part of Commons:Category scheme Commons maintenance but a sister category. Both are sub-categories of Category:Commons, the category which contains all project administration/maintenance material and is directly under Category:CommonsRoot (the highest level category on Commons).

Ideally, all templates should be in at least two categories: by namespace and by type. They may fit into more than one of each. Additionally, templates may belong to a "tracking category" (categories used for maintenance rather than navigation) and/or be categorized by subject (which is independent of this category scheme although is laid out below).

Templates by type[edit]

This is the main template category scheme, meaning there is no "Category:Commons templates by type"—these go directly in Category:Commons templates.

Licensing/image tags (Bot-dependent)[edit]

Tracking categories[edit]

Templates by namespace[edit]

An alternate categorizing system. All templates should also be categorized by type/purpose.

Templates by subject[edit]

Mainly used as a outside category tree for the purpose of grouping related templates and placing them closer to specific subject areas (i.e. categorizing in the subject's image/gallery categories). This is not meant to be a complete third template categorizing system. These are only created as needed by those working in the respective areas. They are created independently of the category system above and are only mentioned here for completeness.

Still needs to be worked out[edit]