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WikiProject Transport exists to co-ordinate the effort to compile images on all types and classes of transport, transports parts and technology. Additionally, it has the goal of presenting all images in a consistent, legible and informative categorical format and gallery pages.

Thing you can do[edit]

  • Identify transports from vehicles ;
Transport Land Vehicles

Project members[edit]

You can become a member by placing the "WikiProject Transport" userbox on your userpage by simply adding the template. It adds you to the category of members:

  • {{WikiProject Transport}}
  • Or if you don't like the userbox, you can add yourself to the category by adding [[Category:WikiProject Transport members]] to your userpage.



  1. Always use free images; images of vehicles are seldom irreplaceable. Do not use "fair use" promotional images of vehicles.
  2. Use images of cars in good, complete, clean, and original condition whenever possible. Avoid pictures of heavily customized cars as they may not be very representative of the vehicles most common appearance.
  3. The file name must clearly identify the vehicle. The year or model year and trim level should be included if the information is available. If not available, use a general descriptor such as "1997-2002" to refer accurately to the depicted vehicle.

Here are some things to keep in mind for creating an image of a transport:

  1. The front ¾ view from the height of an ordinary person is normally the best angle for a single picture of a transport.
  2. The lighting of a car is critical to obtaining a good image. Try to take pictures in the middle of the day or under bright but indirect lights. Make sure the sun is behind you—do not shoot into the sun.
  3. Make sure the car is entirely in frame and is not obscured with objects, people, mud, snow, etc.
  4. Crop out distracting elements like parking lots, objects, or other cars.
  5. Do not take photos through window glass, fog, or with poor focus.


Categories should be relatively standard all round.