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This is a list of possible images of painting to upload to illustrate items on Wikidata. All data is based on Wikidata and uses a quite complicated query.

This list is periodically updated by a bot. Manual changes to the list will be removed on the next update!

WQS | PetScan | YASGUI | Find images Recent Changes | Query: SELECT ?item ?itemdistance ?creatordistance WHERE { ?item p:P4765 ?image . MINUS { ?item wdt:P18 [] } . ?item schema:dateModified ?itemdate . ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q3305213 . ?item wdt:P217 ?inv . ?image ps:P4765 ?downloadurl . ?image pq:P2701 wd:Q2195 . ?image pq:P2699 ?sourceurl . ?image pq:P1476 ?title . ?image pq:P2093 ?creatorname . ?item wdt:P195 ?collection . ?collection wdt:P1612 ?institutiontemplate . ?collection rdfs:label ?collectionLabel. FILTER(LANG(?collectionLabel) = "en"). ?collection wdt:P373 ?collectioncategory . ?item wdt:P170 ?creator . ?creator wdt:P570 ?dod . BIND(YEAR(?dod) AS ?deathyear) FILTER(?deathyear < 1923) . ?creator schema:dateModified ?creatordate . ?creator wdt:P1472 ?creatortemplate . ?creator wdt:P373 ?creatorcategory . BIND(NOW() - ?itemdate AS ?itemdistance) . BIND(NOW() - ?creatordate AS ?creatordistance) . FILTER(?itemdistance < 7
label description creator collection Item edit Creator edit
Self-Portrait as Icarus with Daedalu painting by Anthony van Dyck Anthony van Dyck Yale University Art Gallery 5.495092592592592 6.296134259259259
Louise, Frederik V's First Queen in her Coronation Robes painting by C.G. Pilo Carl Gustaf Pilo Statens Museum for Kunst 12.956655092592593 5.038784722222222
Portret van man uit geslacht Schepers painting by Caspar Netscher (Museum Rotterdam 10622_A) Caspar Netscher Museum Rotterdam 8.021412037037036 4.864513888888889
George Washington at the Battle of Princeton painting by Charles Willson Peale Charles Willson Peale Yale University Art Gallery 5.031018518518518 14.895185185185186
Jeremiah Williams painting by Christian Gullager Christian Gullager Smithsonian American Art Museum 27.74189814814815 5.76912037037037
Dancing Party in an Interior painting by Christoffel Jacobsz. van der Laemen Christoffel Jacobsz van der Laemen Statens Museum for Kunst 13.01951388888889 4.839918981481482
Virgin and Child with Saints Catherine and Nichola painting by Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano Cima da Conegliano Yale University Art Gallery 4.013935185185185 15.95962962962963
Stadsgezicht Rotterdam, fruitmarkt bij kaars- en maanlicht, met standbeeld Erasmus painting by Cornelis Jansz Snellinck Cornelis Snellinck Museum Rotterdam 8.177696759259259 2.463923611111111
Artemisia Prepares to Drink the Ashes of her Husband, Mausolu painting by Francesco Furini Francesco Furini Yale University Art Gallery 5.493599537037037 100.24686342592592
Pipestone Quarry on the Coteau des Prairies painting by George Catlin George Catlin Smithsonian American Art Museum 27.950960648148147 2.364837962962963
Lay-láw-she-kaw, Goes Up the River, an Aged Chief painting by George Catlin George Catlin Smithsonian American Art Museum 27.66153935185185 2.364837962962963
Ee-mat-lá-, King Phillip, Second Chief painting by George Catlin George Catlin Smithsonian American Art Museum 27.61875 2.364837962962963
Ten-sqúat-a-way, The Open Door, Known as The Prophet, Brother of Tecumseh painting by George Catlin George Catlin Smithsonian American Art Museum 27.497627314814814 2.364837962962963
Colonel John Trumbull (1756-1843) painting by Gilbert Stuart Gilbert Stuart Yale University Art Gallery 4.888935185185185 14.885416666666666
Portret van Hendrik Caan (1719-1794) painting by Harmanus Josephus Serin (Museum Rotterdam 10646_A) Harmen Serin Museum Rotterdam 8.05550925925926 4.883622685185185
Portret van man uit geslacht Van der Pot painting by Johan Heinrich Neuman (Museum Rotterdam 10743_A) Johan Heinrich Neuman Museum Rotterdam 8.055046296296297 4.892222222222222
Portret van Willem Jansz Verbruggen (ca. 1620-1678), valkenier van de prins van Oranje, voor het jachtverblijf Valkenbosch painting by Johan le Ducq Johan le Ducq Museum Rotterdam 8.12443287037037 4.832268518518519
Self-Portrait painting by John Trumbull John Trumbull Yale University Art Gallery 4.703043981481481 9.411215277777778
Slaget ved Sehested painting by Jørgen V. Sonne Jørgen Sonne Statens Museum for Kunst 13.033969907407407 5.5400578703703705
Six panel screen painting by Kano Tsunenobu Kanō Tsunenobu Yale University Art Gallery 3.916354166666667 3.920462962962963
Xiwangmu (Seiobo) and a Pine Tree painting by Kano Tsunenobu Kanō Tsunenobu Yale University Art Gallery 3.912199074074074 3.920462962962963
Christ Blessing the Children painting by Lucas Cranach d.Æ. Lucas Cranach the Elder Statens Museum for Kunst 13.053113425925925 5.44994212962963
Centaurs Hunting Boars painting by L.A. Schou Ludvig Abelin Schou Statens Museum for Kunst 12.943425925925926 5.766921296296296
The Temptation of Saint Anthony Abbot painting by Master of the Osservanza Triptych Master of the Osservanza Triptych Yale University Art Gallery 5.2531944444444445 35.8753125
Shakinpelaajat painting by Onni Muusari Onni Muusari Finnish National Gallery 27.975914351851852 3.069189814814815
The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria painting by Paolo Caliari Paolo Veronese Yale University Art Gallery 4.442974537037037 6.4223842592592595
Major General Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus, Baron von Steuben (1730-1794) painting by Ralph Earl Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl Yale University Art Gallery 5.494618055555556 14.867835648148148
Portret van Herman Theodor Löhnis painting by Robert van Eijsden (Museum Rotterdam 10741_A) Robert van Eijsden Museum Rotterdam 8.056145833333334 4.890949074074074
The Crucifixion with the Virgin Annunciate painting by Spinello Aretino Spinello Aretino Yale University Art Gallery 4.112094907407408 18.16037037037037
Saints Zenobius, Francis and Anthony of Padua painting by Zanobi di Benedetto Strozzi Zanobi Strozzi Yale University Art Gallery 4.888344907407407 135.90572916666667
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