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This is a list of possible images of painting to upload to illustrate items on Wikidata. All data is based on Wikidata and uses a quite complicated query.

This list is periodically updated by a bot. Manual changes to the list will be removed on the next update!

WQS | PetScan | YASGUI | Find images Recent Changes | Query: SELECT ?item ?itemdistance ?creatordistance WHERE { ?item p:P4765 ?image . MINUS { ?item wdt:P18 [] } . ?item schema:dateModified ?itemdate . ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q3305213 . ?item wdt:P217 ?inv . ?image ps:P4765 ?downloadurl . ?image pq:P2701 wd:Q2195 . ?image pq:P2699 ?sourceurl . ?image pq:P1476 ?title . ?image pq:P2093 ?creatorname . ?item wdt:P195 ?collection . ?collection wdt:P1612 ?institutiontemplate . ?collection rdfs:label ?collectionLabel. FILTER(LANG(?collectionLabel) = "en"). ?collection wdt:P373 ?collectioncategory . ?item wdt:P170 ?creator . ?creator wdt:P570 ?dod . BIND(YEAR(?dod) AS ?deathyear) FILTER(?deathyear < 1923) . ?creator schema:dateModified ?creatordate . ?creator wdt:P1472 ?creatortemplate . ?creator wdt:P373 ?creatorcategory . BIND(NOW() - ?itemdate AS ?itemdistance) . BIND(NOW() - ?creatordate AS ?creatordistance) . FILTER(?itemdistance < 2
label description creator collection Item edit Creator edit
Isaac F. Tyson painting by John Wood Dodge John Wood Dodge Smithsonian American Art Museum 145.7408912037037 0.4338194444444444
Andrew Jackson painting by Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl (American Art, XX107) Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl Smithsonian American Art Museum 146.02788194444443 0.9304050925925926
End of auto-generated list.