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WikiVacation logo

WikiVacations (Wikiwakacje in Polish) is an open photo competition. Its aim is to collect a large number of images documenting the cultural heritage and natural treasures of Poland: historical monuments, protected natural areas, and art in public places. Your photographs uploaded to Wikimedia Commons can be used to illustrate the articles in Wikipedia. The contest is open from August 1st till September 30th, and anyone can participate. Your photographs uploaded to Wikimedia Commons will help improve Wikipedia!.

All photographers and all visitors to Poland can participate in the contest. You can upload as many images as you like. The minimum resolution of an uploaded image to be eligible for the contest is 6mpix. The competition runs from August 1st till September 30th, 2018. The contest is organised by Wikimedia Polska and the National Institute of Heritage, Poland.

The winning photographs will be selected by the competition jury and their authors will receive awards. You can upload your photos using this page (see below) or via the main website. In the sections below you can find more information about the competition, the jury, and the awards, and upload your pictures. Learn more and take part in the challenge. We're looking forward to seeing your photographs!

About the competition
Your photos will help enrich Wikipedia with images of nature and historical monuments. The uploaded pictures can serve to illustrate articles in all language versions of Wikipedia. This contest brings together the themes of competitions run in the previous years: Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth; these competitions resulted in over 100 000 photos of Polish heritage sites and nature areas.

This is a second edition of WikiVacations – see the photographs awarded in 2017 or photographs uploaded in the previous year. We hope that this year you take and upload even more great images! The competition is run by Wikimedia Polska and the the National Heritage Institute of Poland. 10 best images from the monuments category will also be submitted to the global Wiki Loves Monuments contest.

How to join

To join the competition you can use our interactive map. When zoomed in, it will show a list of all registered monuments of a certain type in the area. On clicking one of the monuments, the map will redirect the user to Wikimedia Commons' upload form and will also pre-fill most fields, including geographical coordinates and suggested categories.

You can also use direct links to the upload wizard for photographs by theme:

historical monuments

monuments on the register of objects of cultural heritage, including buildings and parks


images taken in any protected area such as national park or nature reserve, as well as images of natural monuments located in Poland

public art

images of art displayed permanently in public, such as outdoor statues, sculpture, installations or murals

You may submit any number of images. The minimum photo resolution is 6mpix. Technical requirements are detailed on the Regulations page (Polish).


The award-winning photographs will be selected by the competition jury consisting of photographers, journalists and longstanding editors of Wikipedia. The jury's verdict will be published here, as well as on the website and the Wikimedia Polska blog. Authors of the best photos will receive a voucher for purchasing their chosen photo equipment. The value of vouchers will be:

Best photograph

The best individual photographs (§ 12 pt 1.1 of Regulations):

  • 1st Prize – up to 600 PLN
  • 2nd Prize – up to 300 PLN
  • 3rd Prize – up to 150 PLN

Thematic categories

Special awards in each thematic category (§ 12 pt 1.3 of Regulations):

  • Prize – up to 500 PLN
  • Prize – up to 250 PLN
  • Prize – up to 100 PLN

Additionally, the runners-up will receive promotional Wikimedia Polska gadgets.

Photo walks and uploading images

Throughout September, all photoenthusiasts are cordially invited to join photo walks and sit-down meetups during which anyone can learn how to upload their photographs to Wikimedia Commons. The meetups will be organised in Poznań, Łódź, Gdańsk and Katowice. We will update the page soon with specific programmes, times and dates.


  • Bartosz Skaldawski is the deputy director of National Heritage Board of Poland and head of the Department of Documentation and Management of Knowledge on Monuments. An archaeologist by trade, he authored and co-authored numerous books and articles on cultural heritage management and dissemination of knowledge of monuments and their values.


Agnieszka Marszał
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Wikimedia Polska press officer

Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska
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press office

Paweł Marynowski

contest coordinator

Any questions? Ask them here!