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There are just a few simple rules to participate to Wiki Loves Africa photographic contest:

Acceptable files[edit]

The basic set of rules or "recommendations" to run the contest are:

  • All photos participating in the competition should be self-taken. They can be either self-uploaded or uploaded during a registered mass upload session;
  • Upload is done in October and November only;
  • You must supply your entry under a free copyright licence, or release it to the public domain. The preferred licence used by the upload wizard is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 CC-BY-SA 4.0;
  • All eligible pictures should have an identifier, given by the participants during the upload (if upload is done via the official upload wizard, it will automatically will do most of the work for you). The identification is done by adding the following category to the page description of the image: [[category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2014]];
  • Participants should have their e-mail enabled on Wikimedia Commons to be eligible for prizes;

Not eligible[edit]

  • Non-photographic works such as drawings or entirely computer-generated works
  • Photographs that are already on Commons (ie re-uploading is not allowed)
  • As the images will be hosted on Wikimedia Commons, all entries must fall within Commons scope. Any that do not will be disqualified and may be deleted without notice.

Judging criteria[edit]

The jury will judge individual entries based on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Technical quality
  • Originality
  • Potential usefulness and overall value of the image (including its licensing) to the Wikimedia projects

Jury composition[edit]

Pierre Beaudoin[edit]

Pierre Yves Beaudouin has been a wikipedian for over 5 years and is the former president of Wikimedia France. Based in Paris, his work is mainly about sports photography and the funerary art of the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

Habib M'henni[edit]

Long time Wikipedian and Wikimedian, amateur photographer, and contributor to Wikimedia Commons. Habib is very actively involved in Wikimedia Tunisia User Group.

Mike Peel[edit]

Mike is a postdoctoral Researcher at Jodrell Bank as well as an astronomer and a wikipedian. He co-funded Wikimedia UK.

Pierre-Selim Huard[edit]

Long time Wikipedian and Wikimedian, an engineer in green aviation development but also a dedicated amateur photographer. Pierre-Selim contributes high quality pictures to Wikimedia Commons in topics such as sports, museum items and cultural heritage monuments. He was also a jury member on the Wiki Loves Monument contest.

Paul Sika[edit]

Paul Sika is an autodidact artist and a trained software engineer born in Ivory Coast. Exposed to animation and video games while a child, Paul Sika discovers in high school a passion for computer programming through scientific calculators. The most beautiful projects will be the adaptations on calculator of flagship games of the time such as Pokémon and Zelda. After a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering at the University of Westminster, London, UK as well as the study of techniques of Cinema, he develops a photographic technique called Photomaking, a fusion of photography and filmmaking, described in 2007 as “a new form of art” by Olympus User Magazine UK.

Paul Sika’s work is available at

Carianne Wilkinson[edit]

Carianne Wilkinson is the Vice-President of Silwood School of Cookery in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded by Lesley Faull in 1964, Silwood is South Africa’s oldest cookery school. It has, over the past 50 years, earned itself a world-class reputation and graduates can be found in top kitchens around the world. Carianne is an accredited South African Chefs Association judge, and has also been a San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants judge.

Find more at the Silwood School of Cookery website:

Africa Melane[edit]

Africa Melane’s wide-ranging interests and relentless curiosity comes to the fore on his Weekend Breakast on 702 and CapeTalk (independent South African Radio Broadcasters), a show that ranges from international headlines to must-visit events around the corner. An accountant by training, Africa has spent a decade in broadcasting, both on and off-air. Africa is a self-confessed thespian, foodie enthusiast and a Fleur Du Cap judge. On twitter: @AfricaMelane.


The prizes for the contest have been selected and will be the following ones:

  • 1st prize: Smartphone Galaxy note 4 + An Africa-published cookbook + Wiki Loves Africa t-shirt + print of the participant winning picture
  • 2nd prize: Smartphone + An Africa-published cookbook + Wiki Loves Africa t-shirt + print of the 2nd prize picture
  • 3rd prize: US$200 Amazon gift + An Africa-published cookbook + Wiki Loves Africa t-shirt + print of the 3rd prize picture
  • Jury Prize: US$200 Amazon gift voucher + Wiki Loves Africa t-shirt + print of the Jury Prize

The small print[edit]

The organisers of the Wiki Loves Africa competition reserve the right to modify these rules or to cancel the contest at their sole discretion, even after it has started. The organizers accept no responsibility for the provision by the sponsors of any prizes, nor of any liability whatsoever in respect of this contest. Neither the rules nor anything on these pages amount to an offer to create legally binding relations with any of the organizers. Members of the jury and staff of Africa Center are not eligible to receive any award (although they are otherwise welcome to contribute images).