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Wiki Loves Africa is a photo competition to share on Wikipedia the daily practices of people across the continent with each other and the rest of the world.
In 2014, we are going to focus on the pride we have in the food we eat, how it is prepared, what it looks like, how it differs from another type of food, and how that food reflects our diverse culture.

Why should you get involved?
Of all of the millions of subjects you can read about on Wikipedia, subjects relating to Africa have the least coverage. This is because of a number of reasons, but mostly because many people do not know that they can donate their images, videos and audio. We need your help to show how rich, different and delicious Africa is. Submit your images of Africa's many different processes, spices and rituals that food involves to illustrate articles on Africa's cuisine.

How to join Wiki Loves Africa?

Entering Wiki Loves Africa Cuisine is easy! Follow the 4 steps outlined below.

Follow these simple steps, and you're good to go
  • Step 1: Take some photos
This is the fun part! You can find a list of the types of photos that can be entered here. On this page you will also find tips on how to take the best pictures, videos or audio.
  • Step 2: Select the best
Your media (photo, video clip or audio clip) might go onto Wikipedia to illustrate an article. So choose the photos that would enhance an article about the subject of your media. Select the best of your photos and media where the subject matter is clear and in focus. The best photos are often those that have the most interesting angle or an unusual food, but remember some pictures
  • Step 3: Register on Commons to take part
You have to be registered on Wikimedia Commons in order to enter the competition. Register here.

What happens to the photos when they are uploaded?

All images that are used on Wikipedia are uploaded to a website called Commons. This is a large and wonderful database of images, audio, and video files. All those media files are published under free licences – this means that they are free to be re-used by anyone as long as they say who authored the photograph and keep them free (under the same licence). For more information on Wikimedia Commons licence policy, read here.

Competition rules

Images submitted to the Wiki Loves Africa contest may win prizes! There are a few rules to respect for the images to be eligible.

  • Rule 1: All photos must be taken by the person submitting them. They can be either self-uploaded or uploaded during a registered mass upload session.
  • Rule 2: Upload is done in October and November 2014 only. But you can enter media that was taken at any time, even historical photographs, as long as you own the copyright on these photographs.
  • Rule 3: All entries will have the following licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (CC-BY-SA 4.0). Read more about the cc-by-sa here.
  • Rule 4: All eligible pictures will be categorised under Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2014, this will be automatically assigned during the upload process.
  • Rule 5: Participants should enable e-mail on Wikimedia Commons to be eligible for prizes.

Further eligibility and other criteria

You may submit: Images of foods, dishes, crops and husbandry (or more generally, growth of ingredients), traditions and rituals around food, cooking methods and processing, utensils, food markets as well as supermarkets or "informal traders, food festivals, culinary events, culinary art, famine food and any other issues related to cuisine on the African continent...whatever you think is relevant … (within reason).

For more information on the types of themes for the photographs:

Some examples of pictures you may propose...