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Mass messaging[edit]

Mass messaging is an effective way to inform people of Wiki Loves Africa updates. Previous participants can be informed of the start of a new competition, and current participants can receive updates during and after the competition.

To send a mass message:

  1. Acquire an audience. If you want a list of previous or current participants, you can get a list of uploaders within a category with the 'Uploaders in cat' tool.
  2. Create a list of talk pages you want to send messages to. Each link should be formatted like # {{#target:User talk:USERNAME}}
  3. Draft the message you want to send on a new page. Do not include a header, as the MassMessage tool has a separate field for that.
  4. If you are an admin, you can use Special:MassMessage yourself. Otherwise, ask an admin on the Commons to send the message out (you may use the Administrators' noticeboard). To make the process quick and easy, you will want to provide clear links to the list of recipients, the subject of the message, and the message body.

In 2017, two mass messages have been sent.

For more details, check m:Talk:Wiki Loves Africa 2017/Communications elements

Site notice and call in 2017[edit]

Person to ask help from :

Place to request banner slots (several weeks in advance)

Banners : here on meta (desktop and mobile)

Landing pages

Generic text

  • English : Wiki Loves Africa : share pictures of "African people at work" with the entire world and win great prizes!
  • French : Wiki Loves Africa : partagez des photos d'africains et africaines au travail avec le monde entier et gagnez des prix!
  • Arabic :

other text

  • ✓ Done "Select the country where you made this photo:" (in the upload wizard)
    French: Sélectionnez le pays dans lequel la photo a été prise
    Arabic: اختر البلد حيث تم التقاط الصورة

other text

  • ✓ Done "No country selected" (in the upload wizard)
    French: Aucun pays sélectionné
    Arabic: لم يتم إختيار البلد

other text

  • ✓ Done "Select your country" (in the upload wizard)
    French: Sélectionnez votre pays
    Arabic: اختر بلدك

other text

other text

other text

other text

  • EN: This is an image of People at Work from <Unknown>
    FR: Gens au travail de <Unknown>

Template header

Other info

Getting stats and participants user names[edit]

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Jury tool[edit]

Person to contact : User:Islahaddow

Tool Labs – Tools for Wiki Loves Photo Competitions[edit]

The wiki loves tool made by Jean-Fred and Erik Zachte provides invaluable help.

User box[edit]

Participants to Wiki Loves Africa are invited to add this box to their user pages:

WLA logo puzzle piece This user is a participant to Wiki Loves Africa.

To add this template, paste the following code into your user page:

{{User Wiki Loves Africa}}


Some pages are translated. Usually, the main pages are protected.

To help with the set-up of the translation system or to update pages, contact our brand new Translation administrator User:Bachounda

See also Commons:Translators' noticeboard
Page translation log (provide list of active translation admins for article marking)

Social media[edit]

We have

Plus many other accounts from the local teams. Check here : Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2017/Local events