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This page gives a description of how Wiki Loves Africa 2019 was organised, the outcomes, and some of the important lessons we drew.

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In Febuary there was a general call for jury suggestions from the African community. There were also call for jury suggestions from particular countries . Name / Country

Sameer Kermalli / Tanzania Doris / Ghana Regina Hellen / Uganda Justice Okai-Allotey / Ghana Ayokanmi Oyeyem / Nigeria Ngumenawe Samson / Uganda Yetty Ogunnubi

We had four rounds in the jury processs

Round one
This was a YES/NO round with 9028 photos from competitions. The list was created using GIST. Each photo had a quorum of three jurors

In this round , one juror Regina failed to vote due to conflicting schedules and complications of the jury tool. We onboarded two more jurors after this round samson and yetty. After round one Regina was not considered for other rounds

Due to this we downloaded round one results with out her vote and Ayokanmi Oyeyem who was have inter connectivity issues voted to 80%. But considering each photo had a quram of three jurors, each photo was voted on at least once.

from this round we considered all photos that had been accorded a yes by any juror and we came up with 1793 images for the next round

Time: two weeks

Round Two
In this round each photo was rated 1-5 scale. with a quoram of two jurors per photo. In this round we added top ten country winners from national coordinators

time : one week

Round three
we had another round of rating with each photo having quoram of 6 juror (592 images in this round)

time: one week

Round 4
each juror ranked top-25 in order: Place one is the best picture, and so on. Place 26-44 will all receive zero points, place 25 receives 1 point, place 24 gets 2 points all the way to 25 points for place

Planned but...
We had planned to have sub selections first done at the local level and only the bests proposed to the international jury. Unfortunately, the local teams were not responsive......some countries had no local teams..... totally dint work





The contest resulted in 8,212 photos provided by 1,350 unique contributors across in Africa.

All pictures are listed there: Category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2019
The best images for 2019 are here: Category:Best images from Wiki Loves Africa 2019
Winning pictures: Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2019/Winners

The countries with the largest number of contributions was Nigeria with 1,394 images contributed.

Continental Funding




Locally, several groups of Wikipedians facilitated the project in organising various events.
The majority of local events related to Wiki Loves Africa were funded through Rapid Grants. The Rapid Grants reports can be found on their individual pages.



Specific elements that were developed:

  • website text and updated
  • design oversight
  • call leaflet and poster text
  • video creation and dissemination
  • launch press release creation
  • press release template
  • dissemination of all materials across all digital platforms
  • share all elements with all local volunteer teams
  • launch press release dissemination and liaison with WM community blogs

Elements that required a designer to develop:

  • 2019 call leaflet
  • 2019 call posters
  • event templates
  • social media branding


Wiki Loves Africa in 2019

Marketing materials


The marketing and social media materials, press release template can be found in Communications section on the Wiki Loves Afria 2019 Meta page

Please note: Wikimedia Foundation Blog team were contacted and they claimed they were only interested in covering the winning images, not in publicising the contest to the community.



What we learned

  • That it was too much work to do a full reporting for volunteers only ;)
  • That we needed more volunteers ;)
  • Facebook group not the right venue to mobilize volunteers

Hence the unfinished Results and best practices

What is next

  • 2020 with a mix of APG and RG
  • Setting up a survey in fall 2019 to evaluate support and benefits
  • Next year: set up the mass message research
  • Next year: set up a structured data upload funnel
  • Next year: support WLA with ISA campaigning

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