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Wiki Loves Africa is an annual contest where anyone across Africa can contribute media that relates to that year's theme to Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wiki Loves Africa encourages participants to contribute media (photographs, video and audio) that illustrate the specific theme for that year. Each year the theme changes and is chosen by the community from universal, visually-rich and culturally-specific topics (for example, markets, rites of passage, festivals, public art, cuisine, natural history, urbanity, daily life, notable persons, etc).

This edition of the contest focuses on "Play". The competition marked its first ever Wikimedia event in Zambia. The physical response to the Wiki Loves Africa in Zambia poor but the online response was wonderful. A training and upload sessions plus awareness campaigns were held in Lusaka and on Facebook. An editathon was held at Bongo Hive, where the awards ceremony was held too.


Contest Jury[edit]


For the contest, there was one major photowalk on the 22nd February 2019 and one other supplementary mini-photowalk.



The workshops where held on the 1st, 15th of February 2019 and the 1st of March 2019 at Bongo Hive these inuclde upload sessions and also Edit-a-thons. The events had 7 people in attendance.


  1. Isaac Kanguya
  2. Imanga Kayama
  3. Gerry Sikazwe
  4. Jason Mulikita
  5. Kasolo Lewanika
  6. James Titus
  7. Francis Soko
  8. Chisaka Isaac Chulu
  9. Brian Chanda

National winners[edit]

The following are the top three images from Zambia.

Wiki Loves Africa in Zambia Award Ceremony 2019[edit]

Images from the Award Ceremony:

Top images from Zambia[edit]

The following are the other top images from Zambia, in no particular order: