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Wiki loves Africa in Algeria[edit]

Wiki Loves Africa is an opportunity for us; To organise an events for all they have a photos of algeria around the theme of each year. it permit to increase the media content Creative commons of Algeria.

Algeria is an African country in first, she is the biggest country in Africa, algerian culture is a crossbreeding of en:amazigh, african, arabic, othoman and european etc...

especially that it's able to found this in the food, costumes, music and dance.

This contest is naturally destined for algeria.

Why we want to participate for this year[edit]

With simple search on wikipedia english or french even arabic we discover so small quantity of media in commons and almost 10 articles about people at work in Algeria

articles are existent, but without audio or video, we plan to collect through this contest a best media quality and write some articles.

in the moment this media are uploaded at the wikimedia.commons servers this is our goal. after that; we have time to plan workshop to create a seeds of articles and why not best articles.


What algerian prizes are up for grabs?[edit]

With #WikilovesAfrica win

  1. 1st prize: 50000
  2. 2nd Prize: 30000
  3. 3rd Pricze:10000

Our Team[edit]

Jury Members[edit]

  • Amine Araibia
  • Abdelatif B.
  • Mortada B.

The photos[edit]

Out of more than 400 photos in the African contest, this year the choice will be between 375 photos of Algeria

the jury will have to choose according to the following criteria:

The basic rules[edit]

Acceptable photos
  • All the photos proposed for the contest must have been taken by the participant himself.
  • Photos must either have been uploaded personally by the participant or uploaded during collective upload sessions held by local teams;
  • The upload will take place only between November 2017 and January 2017;
  • The proposed picture must be under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 license CC-BY-SA 4.0 or any equivalent free license or be in the public domain;
  • To be eligible, the photos must be classified in the Wiki Loves Africa 2017 category. If the upload is done using the official tool (upload wizard), this identification will be made automatically;
  • The proposed picture are taken for the purpose of being used for educational, encyclopedic and / or cultural purposes;
  • In order to be contacted, the participant will have entered their e-mail address in their preferences on the Wikimedia Commons website;
Ineligible photos
  • Non-photographic work, such as computer generated drawings or images
  • Photographs already present on Commons (re-upload is not allowed)
  • Since the images will be hosted on Wikimedia Commons, they must respect the Commons scope.
  • Photos not respecting the rules of Wikimedia Commons will be disqualified and removed from the site without prior notice.
  • Photos with trademarks, watermarks or signatures will not be accepted.
Selection Criteria

The jury will select the photos based on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Technical quality
  • Originality
  • Useful and global potential value of images for Wikimedia projects (educational, encyclopedic and / or cultural needs)
  • The series
Each jury
  • Will select between 10 Photos rated from 1 to 10, the first will receive the total score 10 pts the second 9Pts Etc
  • Only one photo per Photographer
  • The committee will receive from each jury its selection and will rank the photos according to the total sum of the notes.
  • An award ceremony will be organized following the local and continental announcement of the contest.

Winners in Algeria[edit]