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Wiki Loves Africa (WLA) is an annual contest where people across Africa can contribute media (photographs, video and audio) about their environment on Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wiki Loves Africa particularly encourages participants to contribute media that illustrate a specific theme for that year. Each year the theme changes and could include any universal, visually rich and culturally specific topic (for example, markets, rites of passage, festivals, public art, cuisine, natural history, urbanity, daily life, notable persons, etc).

Theme for 2022

For more ideas, head over to the theme page

Why this theme

Homes and habitats are considered places of safety and peace where people and animals can relax, recover, rest, recuperate, reconnect with family and community. Within this safety, it is meant to be the place where they can fully express themselves, their tastes, their identity and heritage.
Wiki Loves Africa's theme for 2022 celebrates the diversity and unique spaces and places that humans and animals alike consider home. Images, videos and audio clips can capture the environment in which people live – their quarters, lodgings, rooms, addresses, locations, dens, nests, burrows and caves.

The kind of images or media that are accepted for this theme

There are many elements that make a home a home. Here are some ideas about what is interesting about homes and habitats:

  • Sometimes, home is a person or community
  • Homes are spaces that reflects your identity and design aesthetic - contemporary or traditional - whether traditional dwellings, modern construction, temporary or permanent, traditional or contemporary
  • The mundane but essential activities that take place within the home, such as cooking and food creation, laundry, entertainment, relaxation, etc.
  • The spaces where people relax and unwind, play, recover or reconnect
  • The styles of homes and the construction materials, architectural and design details, and all aspects of design
  • Or places where necessary functions must be contained or take place, such as ablution facilities ...

7 years of Wiki Loves Africa

WLA-2021-A4-Infographic updated.jpg

Wiki Loves Africa is an annual competition that crowdsources photographs, videos and recordings of Africa to form an open licenced archive of materials that tells the story of Africa on Wikipedia through the eyes of its people. Over the last 7 years, Wiki Loves Africa has achieved the following:

The project is run across the whole continent, however, some specific actions (training, communication etc.) are held in some countries with national organisers. Wiki Loves Africa has achieved much over 7 years:

  • Over 72,375 images collected
  • 9,269 unique submitters
  • Images viewed 762 millions times altogether (June 2021)
  • 280+ events in 23 African countries
  • Submitted images viewed 43 million times each month (May 2020);
  • 82%+ of competitors are newbies;
  • Image included in the Journeys Through Our Fragile Heritage exhibition at the UNESCO, Paris; and
  • Wiki Loves Africa’s ISA tool created to support Structured Data on Commons won best multimedia tool at the Wikidata Awards 2019.

How the competition is organised

The project is a on-month competition which will start on the 15th February 2022 and end on the 15 April 2022. The project runs across the entire continent, however there are local and national groups of Wikipedians that have volunteered to host specific actions (training, upload events, communications, etc.) in their countries. In addition, there are several groups of individuals within Africa, and Wikimedia groups outside Africa that are (and encouraged to be) involved.

The project is a contest where, after the contest closes, the best media at the continental level are selected and prizes are awarded. An international jury will determine the best entries for the continental competition. Where there are local organising groups, they will decide to organise (or not) judging and local prizes for their country.

Wiki Loves Africa was created and developed, and is managed by the principals at Wiki in Africa, it is funded by the Wikimedia Foundation. Actions in each country are supported by the Wikimedia community in the form of Usergroups and volunteers across Africa.

2022 Winners and prizes

There will be several winners. The international prizes are:

  • 1st prize: US$2000
  • 2nd prize: US$1500
  • 3rd prize: US$1000
  • Culturally specific or traditional representations : US$750
  • Prize for best quality video: $1000
  • Special collection: US$750

In addition, some of the local national teams will host national ceremonies and national prizes.

Local teams can decide to award separate national prizes at their discretion. Please review the Countries page to see what is happening where and what prizes are available at a local level.

Press contacts per country

This space aims to link press contacts where available.

  • South Africa: Isla Haddow-Flood:
  • France: Florence Devouard:
  • Algeria: Mohammed Bachounda: or Reda Kerbouche:
  • Nigeria: Olaniyan Olushola: & Ceslause Ogbonnaya: & Musa Umar:
  • Cameroon: Rene BILE:
  • Tunisia: Yamen Bousrih:
  • Uganda: Kwera Faith:
  • Ghana: Bright Ayisi: and Gabriel Amuzu: & Eugene Masiku:
  • Mali: N'fana Diakité:
  • Kenya: Faith Mwanyolo: or Carol Mwaura:
  • Benin: Fawaz Tairou:
  • Rwanda: Boris Bahire:
  • Sudan: Ola Mahadi:
  • Morocco: Rachid Ourkia:
  • Haiti: Handgod Abraham:
  • DR Congo: Nixon Mukoko:
  • Guinea-Conakry: Aboubacar Keita:
  • Botswana: Candy Khohliwe:
  • Burundi: Gilbert Ndihokubwayo:
  • Congo-Brazzaville: Osvaldo Mokouma:
  • South Sudan: Lomora Ronald:
  • Tanzania: Antoni Mtavangu:
  • Togo: Hermann Kassalouwa:
  • Zimbabwe: Morleen Caroline Bortman:
  • Chad: Ahmat Matary:
  • Senegal: Guillaume:



2022 Documents

Press releases

Launch press releases

Wiki Loves Africa 2022 launch press release for local community organisers (as a template) can be copied here: Arabic, English, French and Portuguese.

Winners announced and press kit (English)

Marketing materials

Theme-based marketing material

Social media launch cards

Social media information 'cards' are available on Canva for organisers at these links:





Visuals for just a few of the images created are below:

Publicity poster (jpgs) in 4 languages
Publicity poster series (pdf) in 4 languages (available as high res for printing or smallest emailable size)

Generic marketing material

Reports in the media

In relationship to Nos Jardins training initiative in Cameroun and its photo exhibition in October 2021