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2022 Theme: Home and Habitat

The theme Home and Habitat calls for the submission of visual representations of home, habitat. The theme celebrates the diversity and unique spaces and places both humans and animals alike consider home. Images, videos and audio clips can capture the environment in which people live – their quarters, lodgings, rooms, addresses, locations, dens, nests, burrows and caves.
Homes and habitats are considered places of safety and peace where people and animals can relax, recover, rest, reconnect with family and community, and where they can fully express themselves, their tastes, their identity and heritage.

There are many elements that make a home a home. Below are just some ideas to explore ...

Sometimes, home is a person or community:

A space that reflects your identity and design aesthetic - contemporary or traditional - whether traditional dwellings, modern contructions, temporary or permanent, traditional or contemporary:

Activities within the home - cooking and food creation:

Spaces to relax and unwind, play, recover or reconnect:

Construction materials, architectural and design details, and all aspects of design are encouraged

Or places where necessary functions must be contained, such as in this collection of ablution facilities ...

IMPORTANT: Please note that while the threat of contracting COVID-19 is still present globally, the Wiki Loves Africa organisers encourages people who wish to take photographs to exercise EXTREME CAUTION. Do not attend in-person events or take photographs anywhere without a mask. We would prefer that you use images from your archive or as you go about your daily practices. Please do not place yourself (or any person with you) at risk or in danger. #staysafe.

Ideas of categories to inspire you

How space is used in houses (or outside of the house)

Building and construction