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2024 Theme : Africa Creates

The theme Africa Creates, celebrates the creation, manufacture, and/or production of items, objects, commodities, and products by Africans across the continent. As a theme, Africa Creates encompasses the creation of art in all forms: craft, fashion, film, dance, literature, textile design and fabrication, beverages, or street or restaurant food, using traditional methods or modern processes of manufacture. It could also document the creation, manufacture, or processing of items for sale or production in factories at an industrial scale, such as food processing, beverage production, manufacture of ceramics, clothes, and household items, and industrial manufacture, for example, smelting works, industrial engineering, or glass production.

Africa Creates is interested in the process of creation rather than the final product and aims to celebrate and capture human ingenuity as it happens. The focus of the photographer, filmmaker, or audiophile should be on capturing the process of creation or manufacture, not on the final product itself. If the final product is featured, please do not make it the central focus of the image.

The highlight of winning submissions will be focused on media that depicts the process (of creation or manufacture) and not on the finished work itself.

Below are just some ideas to explore around the theme concept....

Keywords: Creating, Processing, Manufacturing, Industry, Made in Africa, Fabrication, Assembly, Assembly line, Factory, Textile Industry, Production line, Product Development, Research and Development, Cultural industry, Craft, Design, Human creativity, Intellectual Property, Metal Fabrication etc.

Ideas of categories to inspire and for uploads:

Existing Categories
Name Link
Production Category:Production
Weaving Category:Weaving
Pottery Category:Manufacture of pottery
Musical Instrument Category:Manufacture of musical instruments
Food Category:Manufacture of food and cooking
Coffee Category:Manufacture of coffee
Paper Category:Manufacture of paper
Glassblowing Category:Glassblowing
Woodworking Category:Woodworking
Crates Making Category:Crates making
Sculpturing Category:Sculpturing
Artisans at work Category:Artisans at work
Men Weaving Category:Men weaving
Basket Making Category:Basket makers at work
Stone carving Category:Stone carvers at work