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Logo konkursu
Logo konkursu

Wiki Lubi Przyrodę 2015 is a Polish edition of international photographic competition Wiki Loves Earth, focused on natural heritage. Competition will take place during 1 May — 31 May 2015 and is organized by Wikimedia Polska.

Protected areas

In order to join competition, you must send to Wikimedia Commons photos of protected areas listed below:

Name English name List Category
obszar Natura 2000 Natura 2000 area List Natura 2000 in Poland
park krajobrazowy landscape park List Landscape parks in Poland
zespół przyrodniczo-krajobrazowy nature and landscape complex Nature and landscape complexes in Poland
pomnik przyrody natural monument Natural monuments in Poland

Before upload take a look at rules of competition.

Upload your photos


Krzysztof Machocki (@Halibutt)
+48 790 290 766

Wikimedia Polska spokesman

Paweł Marynowski (@Yarl)