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Description of the process[edit]

Process of selection[edit]

The process of selection replicates the standard process used by any Wiki Loves photo contest (Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments) and used in Switzerland since 2011.

We had two steps:

  • Preselection process from 1 June to 20 June done by a "technical" pre-jury with a format yes/no with a requirement of minimum three negative votes per photos for exclusion
  • Final process from 21 June to 12 July with a "formal" jury with a format of stars based vote from 0 to 5. Jury members were allowed to don't give a vote to some photos.

The winners are based on a calculation of the average of votes per photo.

Preselection phase[edit]

The first selection has been done on the overall photos with the selection of photos with a simple yes/no. It has been done based on the identification of incompatibilities with the contest (out of focus, bad balance black/white and so on) or evaluating the scope of the subject (photos of subjects not included in the official list) and also in the identification of legal issues (privacy or copyright).

The pre-jury was:

  • Vincenzo Abagnale - Photographer and movie maker
  • Stéphane Coillet - Board member
  • Ilario Valdelli - Community Manager Italian area
  • Muriel Staub - Community Liaison German area

Jury members[edit]

The jury evaluated the final selection of photos giving a vote from 0 to 5 to each photo or "no evaluation".

The jury members were anonymous to other members of the jury and to the community in order to don't receive any pressure by other members of the community or by external people and to assure a "neutral" and "independent" evaluation based on their own personal experience and knowledge. The members acted independently and using personal evaluation on the basis of the regulation article 6.

The final selection is started with a subset of 250 photos survived by the pre-selection and it has been a qualitative jury.

The jury members acted separately and independently using personal parameters of evaluation.

  • Diana Agostinelli - Blogger and expert of touristic travel
  • Mauro Cassina - Expert of Wiki Loves Monuments, board member of WMCH
  • Vincenzo Abagnale - Photographer and movie maker
  • Bobo11 - Photographer for Wikimedia Commons & Wikipedian
  • Stéphane Coillet - Board member of WMCH
  • Ilario Valdelli - Community Manager Italian area


Some photos may be excluded afterwards if the author cannot be reachable. This is what is stated in the regulation article 5 point 5. Wikimedia CH will do the best to contact the winners but if Wikimedia CH will not receive a feedback in a defined deadline, the photo can be considered "invalid".

Winners 2015 - National contest[edit]








Swiss selection for International contest[edit]

Jury members[edit]

The jury for the international selection is the same jury of the national contest plus an additional jury member. The additional member was added in order to reduce the high number of joint places (ex-aequo) that were acceptable for the national contest.

  • Barbara Magatti - Naturalist and biologist and photographer


Some photos may be excluded afterwards if the photo cannot match the parameters established by the international team.