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Before Wiki Loves Earth starts, above the special upload wizard we show a text that Wiki Loves Earth has not started yet. In most areas around the world Wiki Loves Earth starts on 1 May, and thus the banner indicates the start in May. However there are also areas in what Wiki Loves Earth starts on 15 May or on 1 June. To be able to show the right text in these areas, we need a new translation. Please help by translating the line below in your language(s).

To do[edit]

* xx: Wiki Loves Earth will start in this area on {{#time:j F|2017-05-01|xx}}.
  1. Copy the above code to the section below.
  2. Change 2x xx to the language code of your language.
  3. Translate the exact text to your language, but make sure that every date (day + month) can be used.


  • "this area" can refer to any area for what a special upload wizard has been created, not necessary your area/country!
  • 2017-05-01 is a variable that can change also to 2017-05-15, 2017-06-01 and other dates, depending on the start date in the area/country of that upload wizard. If you have set your language in your preferences the {{#time:j F|...|xx}} is shown as "1 May", "15 May", "1 June", and other dates.


  • ar: ١ مايو المسابقة ستبدأ في هذه المنطقة في
  • az:
  • bg:
  • br: Kroget e vo Wiki Loves Earth en bro-mañ an 1 Mae.
  • bn: উইকি লাভস আর্থ বাংলাদেশে শুরু হবে ১ মে তারিখে.
  • ca: Wiki Loves Earth començarà a aquesta zona el 1 maig.
  • de: Wiki Loves Earth startet in dieser Region am 1 Mai.
  • el: Το Wiki Loves Earth θα ξεκινήσει σε αυτή την περιοχή στις 1 Μαΐου.
  • en: Wiki Loves Earth will start in this area on 1 May.
  • es: Wiki Loves Earth empezará en esta zona el 1 mayo.
  • et:
  • fr: Wiki Loves Earth commencera dans cette zone le 1 mai.
  • hi: 'विकी लव्स अर्थ २०१७' प्रतियोगिता १ जून. से प्रांरभ होगी।
  • hr: Wiki Loves Earth počinje na ovom području 1 lipnja.
  • hy:
  • id: Wiki Cinta Alam akan dimulai di Indonesia pada 1 Mei.
  • it: Wiki Loves Earth in questa regione comincia il 1 giugno.
  • ka: კონკურსის „ვიკის უყვარს დედამიწა“ დაწყების თარიღია 1 ივნისი.
  • lv: Wiki Loves Earth sākums šajā reģionā ir 1. maijs.
  • mk:
  • nb: Wiki Loves Earth starter i dette området 15. mai.
  • ne: 'विकी लभ्स अर्थ २०१८' प्रतियोगिता १ मे देखी सुरु हुन्छ।
  • nl: Wiki Loves Earth begint in dit gebied op 1 mei.
  • pl:
  • pt:
  • pt-br:
  • ro: Wiki Loves Earth va avea loc în această regiune începând cu 1 iunie.
  • ru: Конкурс Вики любит Землю начнётся 15 мая
  • sq:
  • sv: Wiki Loves Earth startar i detta område 1 juni.
  • th: Wiki Loves Earth จะเริ่มขึ้นที่นี่ในวันที่ 1 มิถุนายน
  • uk:
  • zh-hans: 维基爱古迹将于6月1日开始。
  • zh-hant: 維基愛古蹟將於6月1日開始。


ro is for Campaign:wle-md in Romanian language.