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Wiki Loves Earth 2018


Participating countries


Rules and FAQ






Contact us

If you want to take part in the contest as a photographer, please, go to the page of your country in the list below. (If your country is not in the list and you would like to organise local contest, visit Commons:Wiki Loves Earth 2018/Organise)

Country Commons landing page Contest period Page for questions Sites/Pages Lists of protected areas/objects Campaign Uploads
Flag of Algeria.svg WLE Algeria (UTC+1) – (UTC+1) ask here Facebook WLE 2018 lists wle-dz 399
Flag of Australia.svg WLE Australia (UTC+10) – (UTC+8) ask here List of protected areas wle-au 537
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg WLE Azerbaijan (UTC+4) ask here List of protected natural sites wle-az 307
Flag of Bangladesh.svg WLE Bangladesh (UTC+6) Help desk or contacts, Facebook Twitter Instagram List of protected natural sites wle-bd 1,464
Flag of Brazil.svg WLE Brazil (UTC-3) – (UTC-5) ask your question here, or send us an e-mail, Facebook Wiki Loves Earth Brasil 2018 wle-br 628
Flag of Cameroon.svg WLE Cameroon (UTC+1) contact us on Wiki Loves Earth Cameroon 2018 wle-cm 0
Flag of Canada.svg WLE Canada (UTC-2:30) – (UTC-7) ask your question on wmca:WLE wmca:Wiki Loves Earth/Participate wle-ca 0
Flag of Chile.svg WLE Chile (UTC-3) ask here wle-cl 0
Flag of Croatia.svg WLE Croatia (UTC+2) ask here or contact us on WLE on the Croatian Wikipedia List of protected areas of Croatia wle-hr 0
Flag of Egypt.svg WLE Egypt (UTC+2) – (UTC+2) ask here Facebook Lists of protected areas wle-eg 202
Flag of France.svg WLE France (UTC+2) contacts, Facebook List of protected areas wle-fr 541
Flag of Georgia.svg WLE Georgia (UTC+4) Contacts Facebook Twitter Instagram List of protected areas wle-ge 0
Flag of Germany.svg WLE Germany (UTC+2) Contact us on our discussion page or find us on Facebook Wiki Loves Earth 2018/Deutschland Protected areas per federal state: wle-de-bb, -be, -bw, -by, -hb, -he, -hh, -mv, -ni, -nw, -rp, -sh, -sl, -sn, -st, -th 17,005
Flag of Greece.svg WLE Greece (UTC+3) Contact us on our talk page or at List of protected areas wle-gr 1,556
Flag of Italy.svg WLE Italy (UTC+2) ask here, Facebook List of protected areas wle-it 3
Flag of Jordan.svg WLE Jordan (UTC+3) wle-jo 0
Flag of Latvia.svg WLE Latvia (UTC+3) ask here Facebook Twitter List of protected areas wle-lv 461
Flag of Moldova.svg WLE Moldova (UTC+3) ask here Facebook Instagram Lists of protected areas by language: Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian wle-md 0
Flag of Morocco.svg WLE Morocco (UTC+1) – (UTC+1) ask here Facebook WLE 2018 lists wle-ma 16
Flag of Nepal.svg WLE Nepal (UTC+5:45) ask here Natural Monuments in Nepal wle-np 1,061
Flag of Nigeria.svg WLE Nigeria (UTC+1) wle-ng 0
Flag of Pakistan.svg WLE Pakistan (UTC+5) User:Saqib wle-pk 5,611
Flag of the Philippines.svg WLE Philippines (UTC+8) ask here WikiLovesEarthPH F icon.svg List of national and natural parks in the Philippines wle-ph 535
Flag of Portugal.svg WLE Portugal (UTC+1) ask your question here wle-pt 319
Flag of Russia.svg WLE Russia (UTC+3) ask your question here, or send us an e-mail Lists of objects (списки) wle-ru 1,594
Flag of South Korea.svg WLE South Korea (UTC+9) Ask your questions here List of protected areas wle-kr 0
Flag of Spain.svg WLE Spain (UTC+2) ask your question here Lists of objects wle-es 1,781
Flag of Sweden.svg WLE Sweden (UTC+2) ask your question here Lists of protected areas wle-se 380
Flag of the Republic of China.svg WLE Taiwan (UTC+8) Ask your questions here wle-tw 0
Flag of Thailand.svg WLE Thailand (UTC+7) Ask your questions here wle-th 0
Flag of Tunisia.svg WLE Tunisia (UTC+1) Ask your questions here More info about how the project will be executed in Tunisia will be posted on this page consecutively. wle-tn 72
Flag of Ukraine.svg WLE Ukraine (UTC+3), Facebook Списки wle-ua 5,793
Flag of India.svg WLE India (UTC+3) ask your question here, Facebook WLE 2018 lists 0