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Every year, tens of thousands of nature photos are uploaded as part of Wiki Loves Earth contest. We, a group of Wikivoyagers, see an opportunity for such photos to be used in Wikivoyage. Therefore, we have designed a contest as part of Wiki Loves Earth 2018 to encourage the uploading and usage of nature photos.

Wikivoyage introduces its free travel guides using page banners, which are panoramic images having the 7:1 aspect ratio, like the one that you see at the top of this page. They depict famous attractions or panoramic views of a destination and can be easily cropped from Wiki Loves Earth photos that you uploaded this year or previously.

We invite you to contribute page banners for Wikivoyage as part of Wiki Loves Earth 2018. It is simple:

  • Crop your WLE photo such that it has the 7:1 aspect ratio and at least 1800px along the horizontal direction
  • Upload the cropped file here. Please, add a short description so that we know what travel destination it is!
  • If you like, propose your banner on a talk page of a Wikivoyage travel guide. Local community will then decide on its usage.

We would also be grateful if you name your files as Destination_banner-XXX.jpg, where XXX can be any description that distinguishes different page banners of the same destination.

General rules of Wiki Loves Earth apply. Your banners should be:

  • Self taken and self uploaded;
  • Uploaded in May-July 2018. The banner contest runs for 3 months, you can also upload banners after WLE in your country is over;
  • Freely licensed;
  • Contain an identified protected area

Note that you can create the banners using photos of protected areas all over the world, including those countries that do not take part in WLE-2018.

Page banners will be graded by a jury composed of active Wikivoyagers. Each jury member will select his/her favorite banners based on several criteria, including the artistic value and appropriateness for Wikivoyage. For each vote of a jury member, the author of the banner will score 1 point, or 3 points when the banner is used in a meta-page, or 5 points when the banner is used in a Wikivoyage travel guide. The winner, who will score the most points, will be awarded with a travel guide of his choice to encourage future travels and taking new shots around the globe.


If you have questions, send us an e-mail or ask your question on the talk page.

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More examples[edit]

Strusta Lake banner.jpg

Braslau Lakes, Belarus

Djupavik banner.jpg

West Fjords, Iceland

South Gobi banner Tost Protected Area.jpg

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Сropping page banners from panoramic photos is easy, but we also encourage you to be creative and explore other options. Page banner may not be a panorama. Anything appealing, meaningful, and related to Wiki Loves Earth will fit. Take a look at the examples and let your imagination run!

Pskov oblast banner.jpg

Old stone cross in Pskov Oblast, Russia

Keukenhof banner.jpg

Tulips of South Holland

Terrebonne Parish banner alligator in Lake Martin.png

Gator in Acadiana, LA, United States