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Welcome to Wiki Loves Earth in Russia 2018!

Spring is late this year, so the Russian contest starts on May 15, 2018 and runs till June 15. As usual, you are invited to upload photos of Russian nature. You can also try yourself in crafting Wikivoyage banners. Detailed information can be found on our landing page at wiki (in Russian). A brief English translation is given below. You can also check:

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at the talk page or send us an e-mail.

Wiki Loves Earth 2018 in Russia is organized by Wikimedia Russia and Russian Wikivoyage with generous support by the Vodohod company and the Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers, see Organizers and partners.


Prizes will be given for:

  • 10 best photos. They will also continue to the international competition
  • Best coverage of protected areas. Take photos of different natural monuments. The award will be given to the participant who will cover the highest number of those natural monuments that were not pictured before.
  • Best coverage of regions. Take photos in different regions of Russia. The award will be given to the participant who will cover the highest number of regions
  • Photos taken in remote and inaccessible locations. The award will be given for the best photo taken at such a location.

All winners will receive certificates for river cruises organized by the Vodohod company. Important terms and conditions can be found on the contest page. Please, check them carefully.

All photos should be uploaded between May 15 and June 15. Additionally, you can also take part in the Wikivoyage banner competition, which runs till July 31.


Some winners of past years[edit]

Organizers and partners[edit]


Wikimedia Russia is a non-profit organization that seeks to foster accumulation and dissemination of the free knowledge in Russia. It supports Wikimedia projects written in the Russian language and in other languages of Russia. Wikimedia Russia takes leading role in organizing conferences, contests, and other real-life activities related to Wikimedia projects in Russia.


Wikivoyage is the free travel guide that seeks to provide travelers with first-hand practical information on destinations all over the globe. The Russian branch of Wikivoyage (Викигид) includes over 3000 travel guides that cover many of the less known, off-the-beaten-track destinations in Russia and other European countries. Russian Wikivoyage also hosts the extensive lists of cultural heritage monuments and protected areas, which are central to the photo competitions Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth in Russia. As part of WLE-2018, the Wikivoyage community offers a separate award for Wikivoyage page banners, panoramic images that appear as headers in travel guides and heritage lists.

Vodohod Cruise and Travel Logo Rus.svg

Vodohod («ВодоходЪ») is the boat and travel operator organizing river cruises in Central Russia. The fleet of the company includes 26 four-deck boats (301, 302, 92-016 Q-040 and Q-056), 9 high-speed hydrofoils (Meteor), and 9 smaller boats («Москва», «Нева», «Отдых») for short excursions and one-day cruises.

LOGO RUWP russian - m.svg

Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers (Союз Фотографов Дикой Природы России) is the largest public organization in Russia for professional and amateur wildlife photographers. The Union supports and trains photographers, as well as fosters activities related to nature protection and ecology, including ecotourism. It organizes photography competitions, festivals, seminars, and exhibitions related to wildlife and nature in Russia.