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'Wiki Loves Earth 2019 Algeria' , is a national photo contest dedicated to Algeria's natural heritage.

The contest will start the 15 May until 30 June 2019.

Wiki Loves Earth aims to encourage the enhancement of protected natural areas through Wikimedia projects (mainly the Wikipedia encyclopedia and Wikimedia Commons library of multimedia). The Goal of the Wiki Loves Earth contest is to encourage everyone to participate in the presentation of the natural heritage. by photographs of these natural areas and share them under a free license (CC - by - sa) to allow its free sharing and exploitation. Each of you is invited to photograph the Algerian nature. This contest is a way to educate Algerians to their own heritage, to create a link of proximity with it.

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The rules for choosing this year's photos are simple but meaningful the photos must be

  1. Downloaded during the contest period
  2. Be caught in Algeria and feature a nature protected object from the list.
  3. Have a resolution greater than 2 MB to go to international competition
  4. Not containing too much editing

This year a new tool is available for jury members each photo will have received from one to five stars in the end the choice will be made on the 10 to winning photos

Winners of WLE Algeria last year (2018)[edit]



  • Idurar Aissa, photographer
  • Marie Elizabeth T, photographer


This year, we did not receive funding for the contest, but we continue to volunteer.

  • We offer Awsome swags for winners
  • Diploma for 10 Winners (under Request).

How to participate?[edit]

  1. Create an account on Wikipedia or on its media library Commons , if you have not already done so.
  1. Send your photos by following the instruction in the video below. If the video does not work go directly to this link to send them.

Conditions of participation[edit]

  1. The 'description' of the photo is mandatory.
  2. The photo must be without ' digital mark ' (blank). Otherwise it will be ranked 'out of competition' .
  3. The photos must be 'taken by you' , or you have the 'permission to publish them by their authors' .
  4. The photos collected on the internet will be deleted by our administrators.

Post your photos[edit]

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Winners 2019[edit]