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This year we are trialling an Australian version of the German prejury tool (specially adapted to replicate the German prejury tool). It allows Wikimedians to

  1. rate all competition entries (except your own)
  2. on a scale of 1 to 5
  3. while at the same time being able to check all the information on the photographs page
  4. photographs can also be ignored. But we would prefer that you use a rating of 1 to 5 on all photographs you are permitted to rate
  5. review your ratings (click on the three horizontal bars at the top above the voting section) and look at the photos you rated with
    1. one star: A weak picture with regard to the WLE competition, no chance of an award!
      (It can still be a valuable image on Commons!)
    2. Two stars: A useful competition photo
    3. Three stars: A good competition photo
    4. Four stars: A very good competition photo (The main jury should look at it.)
    5. Five stars: An outstanding (perfect) competition photo (in your opinion among the best 50 of the competition)
  6. use all values (1-5) if you can

When making your assessment, you should consider these aspects:

  • Encyclopedic / content quality
    Is the picture suitable for an illustration of Wikipedia? Does it show conservation in an encyclopedically meaningful way? Fundamental is the usability of the photos for to illustrate protected areas in Australia. The photos should therefore be incorporated into the nature conservation lists, used in nature conservation articles and it should be possible to replace poorer pictures.
  • Aesthetic quality
    Is it clear what the subject of the picture is? Was the subject appropriately set in the format or was the camera simply held on it? Do disturbing objects protrude into the picture? Has a good viewing angle and section been chosen?
  • Technical quality
    Does the picture have a sufficient resolution or is it only suitable as a preview picture? Is the picture in focus and properly exposed? Do the colors look natural, or is there a white balance problem or color cast? Has the image been over photo-shopped?

The purpose of the tool is to allow us to identify the photographs from which our jury will choose the winners (a maximum of 15, with a maximum of 10 being photographs of some characteristic of the protected area, and a maximum of 10 being species close-ups).

Prejury tool