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Luggala Summit, County Wicklow by Subhrambar (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Wiki Loves Earth Ireland 2020link=Commons:Wiki Loves Earth 2020 in Ireland
   Luggala Summit, County Wicklow by Subhrambar (CC-BY-SA 4.0)
Wiki Loves Earth 2021 Ireland is a photo contest focused on the protected natural areas across the island of Ireland.
Images must be licensed under free licenses, see COM:Licensing.
The event is supported by Wikimedia Community Ireland.

Find more protected areas in Leinster, Ulster and Connacht

Protected sites in Munster[edit]

Name Upload Photo Category Type[1] Region(s) Wikidata Location
- Killarney National Park Upload a file Lakes of Killarney.JPG Killarney National Park NP, BIS County Kerry Q1573866 51°59′35″N 9°33′25″W / 51.993°N 9.557°W / 51.993; -9.557
- The Burren Upload a file Burren 0513.JPG Burren NP County Clare Q917858 53°00′29″N 9°00′07″W / 53.008°N 9.002°W / 53.008; -9.002
Ireland/6619 Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark Upload a file CliffsofMoher 001.jpg Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark GP County Clare Q5000424 52°56′10″N 9°28′16″W / 52.936°N 9.471°W / 52.936; -9.471
Ireland/6445 Copper Coast Geopark Upload a file Copper Coast Geopark.JPG Copper Coast Geopark GP County Waterford Q5168708 52°08′31″N 7°21′54″W / 52.142°N 7.365°W / 52.142; -7.365
S.I. No. 418/1986, IE0000994 Ballyteigue/Ballyteige Upload a file Hay meadow at Ballyteige.jpg Ballyteigue NR, SAC County Clare Q99194392 53°01′34″N 9°15′58″W / 53.026°N 9.266°W / 53.026; -9.266
S.I. No. 387/1980 Cahermurphy Upload a file Cahermurphy NR County Clare Q104856311 53°00′00″N 8°38′31″W / 53.000°N 8.642°W / 53.000; -8.642
S.I. No. 379/1985 Dromore Upload a file Dromore Wood path.JPG Dromore, County Clare NR, SAC County Clare Q13574469 52°55′52″N 8°57′25″W / 52.931°N 8.957°W / 52.931; -8.957
S.I. No. 346/1986 Keelhilla, Slieve Carron Upload a file Keelhilla, Co. Clare, Ireland - panoramio - georama.jpg Keelhilla, Slieve Carron NR County Clare Q104851849 53°05′10″N 8°59′49″W / 53.086°N 8.997°W / 53.086; -8.997
S.I. No. 381/1985, S.I. No. 384/1985 Capel Island and Knockadoon Head Upload a file Capel island and Knockadoon Head and Headland - - 701099.jpg Capel Island and Knockadoon Head NR County Cork Q99239726 51°52′48″N 7°51′40″W / 51.880°N 7.861°W / 51.880; -7.861
S.I. No. 172/1991 Glengarriff Wood Upload a file Meadow with oak woods in mist, Glengarriff National Park.jpg Glengarriff Wood NR County Cork Q98105915 51°45′07″N 9°34′30″W / 51.752°N 9.575°W / 51.752; -9.575
S.I. No. 314/1993, S.I. No. 315/1993 Kilcolman Bog Upload a file Kilcolman Bog NR County Cork Q104856630 52°14′49″N 8°36′47″W / 52.247°N 8.613°W / 52.247; -8.613
S.I. No. 107/1989 Knockomagh Wood Upload a file Knockomagh Wood NR County Cork Q104856774 51°30′22″N 9°18′36″W / 51.506°N 9.310°W / 51.506; -9.310
S.I. No. 206/1981 Lough Hyne Upload a file 2019-07-31-Lough Hyne-0823.jpg Lough Hyne NR, SAC County Cork Q3777053 51°30′07″N 9°18′14″W / 51.502°N 9.304°W / 51.502; -9.304
S.I. No. 231/1987 The Gearagh Upload a file The Gearagh 1 crop.jpg The Gearagh NR, RS, SAC County Cork Q24196938 51°53′06″N 8°59′56″W / 51.885°N 8.999°W / 51.885; -8.999
S.I. No. 10/1990, 470 Castlemaine Harbour Upload a file Castlemaine Harbour near Inch - - 15788.jpg Castlemaine Harbour NR, RS County Kerry Q104856992 52°07′41″N 9°56′38″W / 52.128°N 9.944°W / 52.128; -9.944
S.I. No. 116/1994 Cummeragh River Bog Upload a file Cummeragh River Bog NR County Kerry Q104857259 51°52′16″N 10°03′54″W / 51.871°N 10.065°W / 51.871; -10.065
S.I. No. 111/1989 Derrycunnihy Wood Upload a file Killarney National Park - View to northeast off N71 - - 1632921.jpg Derrycunihy Wood NR County Kerry Q99438625 51°58′16″N 9°35′38″W / 51.971°N 9.594°W / 51.971; -9.594
S.I. No. 110/1989 Derrymore Island Upload a file Derrymore Island NR County Kerry 52°15′18″N 9°49′48″W / 52.255°N 9.830°W / 52.255; -9.830
S.I. No. 419/1986 Eirk Bog Upload a file Eirk-Bog.jpg Eirk Bog NR County Kerry Q98104561 51°56′46″N 9°39′58″W / 51.946°N 9.666°W / 51.946; -9.666
S.I. No. 235/1988 Great Skellig Upload a file Skellig Michael03(js).jpg Skellig Michael NR County Kerry Q207193 51°46′16″N 10°32′24″W / 51.771°N 10.540°W / 51.771; -10.540
S.I. No. 236/1988 Little Skellig Upload a file LittleSkellig01(js).jpg Little Skellig NR County Kerry Q2360976 51°46′55″N 10°30′32″W / 51.782°N 10.509°W / 51.782; -10.509
S.I. No. 73/1988 Lough Nambrackdarrig Upload a file Lough Nambrackdarrig - - 245342.jpg Lough Nambrackdarrig NR County Kerry Q6686142 52°04′55″N 9°53′53″W / 52.082°N 9.898°W / 52.082; -9.898
S.I. No. 72/1988 Lough Yganavan Upload a file Lough Yganavan - - 652123.jpg Lough Yganavan NR County Kerry Q6686142 52°05′35″N 9°53′35″W / 52.093°N 9.893°W / 52.093; -9.893
S.I. No. 420/1986 Mount Brandon Upload a file Brandon Mountain from Brandon Peak - - 331817.jpg Mount Brandon NR County Kerry Q1478911 52°16′05″N 10°14′13″W / 52.268°N 10.237°W / 52.268; -10.237
S.I. No. 228/1987, S.I. No. 229/1987 Puffin Island Upload a file Puffinisland1.jpg Puffin Island (Ireland) NR County Kerry Q2733571 51°50′13″N 10°24′29″W / 51.837°N 10.408°W / 51.837; -10.408
S.I. No. 7/1990 Sheheree Bog Upload a file Sheheree Bog NR County Kerry Q26718912 52°02′24″N 9°28′52″W / 52.040°N 9.481°W / 52.040; -9.481
S.I. No. 108/1989, S.I. No. 109/1989 Tearaght Island Upload a file Tearaght.jpg Tearaght Island NR County Kerry Q2662514 52°04′30″N 10°39′54″W / 52.075°N 10.665°W / 52.075; -10.665
S.I. No. 106/1989, 440 Tralee Bay Upload a file Traleebay.jpg Tralee Bay NR, RS County Kerry Q1091161 52°15′18″N 9°48′04″W / 52.255°N 9.801°W / 52.255; -9.801
S.I. No. 380/1982 Uragh Wood Upload a file Uragh Wood.jpg Uragh Wood NR County Kerry Q7899562 51°48′14″N 9°41′10″W / 51.804°N 9.686°W / 51.804; -9.686
S.I. No. 173/1991 IE0002353 Redwood Bog Upload a file Redwood Bog NR, SAC County Tipperary Q99521505 53°09′14″N 8°04′41″W / 53.154°N 8.078°W / 53.154; -8.078
S.I. No. 86/2004 Fenor Bog Upload a file The Fenor Bog, Co Waterford, Ireland.jpg Fenor Bog NR County Waterford Q98106414 52°09′54″N 7°13′30″W / 52.165°N 7.225°W / 52.165; -7.225
IE0000014 Ballyallia Lake Upload a file Ballyallia Lake SAC, RS County Clare Q61676998 52°52′26″N 8°58′59″W / 52.874°N 8.983°W / 52.874; -8.983
IE0000016 Ballycullinan Lake Upload a file Ballycullinan Lake SAC County Clare 52°55′16″N 9°03′25″W / 52.921°N 9.057°W / 52.921; -9.057
IE0000019 Ballyogan Lough Upload a file Ballyogan Lough SAC County Clare 52°57′58″N 8°56′10″W / 52.966°N 8.936°W / 52.966; -8.936
IE0000996 Ballyvaughan Turlough Upload a file Ballyvaughan Turlough SAC County Clare 53°06′36″N 9°09′40″W / 53.110°N 9.161°W / 53.110; -9.161
IE0000020 Black Head-Poulsallagh Complex Upload a file Black Head-Poulsallagh Complex SAC County Clare 53°06′04″N 9°16′05″W / 53.101°N 9.268°W / 53.101; -9.268
IE0002250 Carrowmore Dunes (Doonbeg dunes) Upload a file Doonbeg dunes.jpg Carrowmore Dunes SAC County Clare Q98104456 52°45′18″N 9°30′36″W / 52.755°N 9.510°W / 52.755; -9.510
IE0001021 Carrowmore Point to Spanish Point and Islands Upload a file Carrowmore Point to Spanish Point and Islands SAC County Clare 52°48′36″N 9°30′18″W / 52.810°N 9.505°W / 52.810; -9.505
IE0001926 East Burren Complex Upload a file East Burren Complex SAC County Clare
County Galway
53°01′52″N 9°00′14″W / 53.031°N 9.004°W / 53.031; -9.004
IE0000268 Galway Bay Complex Upload a file Galway Bay Complex SAC County Clare
County Galway
53°12′00″N 9°02′17″W / 53.200°N 9.038°W / 53.200; -9.038
IE0001912 Glendree Bog Upload a file Glendree Bog SAC County Clare 52°56′38″N 8°43′59″W / 52.944°N 8.733°W / 52.944; -8.733
IE0001013 Glenomra Wood Upload a file Glenomra Wood SAC County Clare 52°45′32″N 8°34′41″W / 52.759°N 8.578°W / 52.759; -8.578
IE0000036 Inagh River Estuary Upload a file Inagh River Estuary SAC County Clare 52°56′42″N 9°20′13″W / 52.945°N 9.337°W / 52.945; -9.337
IE0002264 Kilkee Reefs Upload a file Kilkee Reefs SAC County Clare 52°41′49″N 9°40′34″W / 52.697°N 9.676°W / 52.697; -9.676
IE0000308 Loughatorick South Bog Upload a file Loughatorick South Bog SAC County Clare
County Galway
52°59′13″N 8°28′08″W / 52.987°N 8.469°W / 52.987; -8.469
IE0000051 Lough Gash Turlough Upload a file Lough Gash Turlough SAC County Clare 52°45′29″N 8°54′04″W / 52.758°N 8.901°W / 52.758; -8.901
IE0002165 Lower River Shannon Upload a file Lower River Shannon SAC Munster 52°35′02″N 9°25′37″W / 52.584°N 9.427°W / 52.584; -9.427
IE0000054 Moneen Mountain Upload a file Moneen Mountain Side - - 112869.jpg Moneen Mountain SAC County Clare Q26717043 53°03′36″N 9°07′48″W / 53.060°N 9.130°W / 53.060; -9.130
IE0000057 Moyree River System Upload a file Moyree River System SAC County Clare 52°57′29″N 8°55′08″W / 52.958°N 8.919°W / 52.958; -8.919
IE0002126 Pollagoona Bog Upload a file Pollagoona Bog SAC County Clare
County Galway
53°00′54″N 8°32′06″W / 53.015°N 8.535°W / 53.015; -8.535
IE0002312 Slieve Bernagh Bog Upload a file Slieve Bernagh Bog SAC County Clare 52°50′20″N 8°33′07″W / 52.839°N 8.552°W / 52.839; -8.552
IE0001321 Termon Lough Upload a file Termon Lough SAC County Clare 53°01′48″N 8°52′19″W / 53.030°N 8.872°W / 53.030; -8.872
IE0002343 Tullaher Lough and Bog Upload a file Tullaher Lough and Bog SAC County Clare 52°42′22″N 9°33′32″W / 52.706°N 9.559°W / 52.706; -9.559
IE0000077, 831 Ballymacoda (Clonpriest and Pillmore) Upload a file Ballymacoda SAC, RS County Cork Q56055354 51°54′18″N 7°54′25″W / 51.905°N 7.907°W / 51.905; -7.907
IE0001040 Barley Cove to Ballyrisode Point Upload a file Barley Cove to Ballyrisode Point SAC County Cork 51°28′26″N 9°44′10″W / 51.474°N 9.736°W / 51.474; -9.736
IE0002171 Bandon River Upload a file Bandon River view - - 552752.jpg Bandon River SAC County Cork Q2155474 51°44′31″N 9°05′49″W / 51.742°N 9.097°W / 51.742; -9.097
IE0002036 Ballyhoura Mountains Upload a file Black Rock on the Ballyhoura Mountain Range - - 1103684.jpg Ballyhoura Mountains SAC County Cork
County Limerick
Q805411 52°18′25″N 8°31′37″W / 52.307°N 8.527°W / 52.307; -8.527
IE0002170, 836 Blackwater River (Cork/Waterford) Upload a file IMG BlackwaterBridge3720rz.jpg River Blackwater, Cork SAC, RS Munster Q1464482 52°08′28″N 8°23′53″W / 52.141°N 8.398°W / 52.141; -8.398
IE0000093 Caha Mountains Upload a file Road descending from the Healy Pass - - 486301.jpg Caha Mountains SAC County Cork
County Kerry
Q1764408 51°44′56″N 9°40′16″W / 51.749°N 9.671°W / 51.749; -9.671
IE0002037 Carrigeenamronety Hill Upload a file Carrigeenamronety Hill SAC County Cork
County Limerick
52°17′38″N 8°26′13″W / 52.294°N 8.437°W / 52.294; -8.437
IE0001547 Castletownshend SAC Upload a file Castletownshend SAC SAC County Cork 51°32′13″N 9°10′16″W / 51.537°N 9.171°W / 51.537; -9.171
IE0001043 Cleanderry Wood Upload a file Cleanderry Wood SAC County Cork 51°44′17″N 9°56′02″W / 51.738°N 9.934°W / 51.738; -9.934
IE0000091 Clonakilty Bay Upload a file View from Ring Head across Clonakilty Bay - - 406616.jpg Clonakilty Bay SAC County Cork Q26716064 51°36′11″N 8°52′19″W / 51.603°N 8.872°W / 51.603; -8.872
IE0001230 Courtmacsherry Estuary Upload a file Courtmacsherry Estuary SAC County Cork 51°38′35″N 8°42′29″W / 51.643°N 8.708°W / 51.643; -8.708
IE0001873 Derryclogher (Knockboy) Upload a file Derryclogher (Knockboy) SAC County Cork 51°48′14″N 9°25′37″W / 51.804°N 9.427°W / 51.804; -9.427
IE0002280 Dunbeacon Shingle Upload a file Dunbeacon Shingle SAC County Cork 51°36′04″N 9°33′54″W / 51.601°N 9.565°W / 51.601; -9.565
IE0000090 Glengarriff Harbour and Woodland Upload a file Glengarriff Harbour - - 1414062.jpg Glengarriff Harbour and Woodland SAC County Cork Q98105754 51°45′11″N 9°33′36″W / 51.753°N 9.560°W / 51.753; -9.560
IE0001879 Glanmore Bog Upload a file Glanmore Bog SAC County Cork
County Kerry
51°42′47″N 9°51′11″W / 51.713°N 9.853°W / 51.713; -9.853
IE0001058 Great Island Channel Upload a file Belvelly bridge. Shingle shore. Fota island on far shore.jpg Great Island Channel SAC County Cork Q98072233 51°53′24″N 8°15′43″W / 51.890°N 8.262°W / 51.890; -8.262
IE0001058 Farranamanagh Lough Upload a file Farranamanagh Shore - - 1753083.jpg Farranamanagh Lough SAC County Cork 51°34′44″N 9°41′24″W / 51.579°N 9.690°W / 51.579; -9.690
IE0002158 Kenmare River Upload a file The Kenmare River - - 1222710.jpg Kenmare River SAC County Cork
County Kerry
Q3814571 51°43′12″N 10°03′14″W / 51.720°N 10.054°W / 51.720; -10.054
IE0001061 Kilkeran Lake and Castlefreke Dunes Upload a file Kilkeran Lake and Castlefreke Dunes SAC County Cork 51°33′36″N 8°57′22″W / 51.560°N 8.956°W / 51.560; -8.956
IE0001070 Myross Wood Upload a file Myross Wood SAC County Cork 51°34′23″N 9°08′49″W / 51.573°N 9.147°W / 51.573; -9.147
IE0002281 Reen Point Shingle Upload a file Reen Point Shingle SAC County Cork 51°36′04″N 9°36′25″W / 51.601°N 9.607°W / 51.601; -9.607
IE0000101 Roaringwater Bay and Islands Upload a file Roaringwater Bay, Horse island and Clear Island (right) - - 97755.jpg Roaringwater Bay and Islands SAC County Cork 51°28′52″N 9°29′42″W / 51.481°N 9.495°W / 51.481; -9.495
IE0000102 Sheep's Head Upload a file Sheeps head ireland.png Sheep's Head peninsula SAC County Cork Q2707869 51°35′24″N 9°43′01″W / 51.590°N 9.717°W / 51.590; -9.717
IE0000106 St. Gobnet's Wood Upload a file St. Gobnet's Wood SAC County Cork Q7588267 51°56′38″N 9°10′01″W / 51.944°N 9.167°W / 51.944; -9.167
IE0000109 Three Castle Head to Mizen Head Upload a file Three Castle Head View to Mizen Head 2009 09 10.jpg Three Castle Head SAC County Cork Q26715345 51°28′34″N 9°48′58″W / 51.476°N 9.816°W / 51.476; -9.816
IE0000332 Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour Upload a file Akeragh Harbour SAC County Kerry 52°19′12″N 9°50′42″W / 52.320°N 9.845°W / 52.320; -9.845
IE0000332 Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour Upload a file Banna Harbour SAC County Kerry 52°19′12″N 9°50′42″W / 52.320°N 9.845°W / 52.320; -9.845
IE0000332 Akeragh, Banna and Barrow Harbour Upload a file Barrow Harbour - - 1418452.jpg Barrow Harbour SAC County Kerry Q4863874 52°19′12″N 9°50′42″W / 52.320°N 9.845°W / 52.320; -9.845
IE0000335 Ballinskelligs Bay and Inny Estuary Upload a file Ring of Kerry-Ballinskelligs Bay-02-2017-gje.jpg Ballinskelligs Bay SAC County Kerry Q3633036 51°49′48″N 10°12′36″W / 51.830°N 10.210°W / 51.830; -10.210
IE0000335 Ballinskelligs Bay and Inny Estuary Upload a file Inny Estuary SAC County Kerry 51°49′48″N 10°12′36″W / 51.830°N 10.210°W / 51.830; -10.210
IE0002112 Ballyseedy Wood Upload a file Ballyseedy Wood SAC County Kerry 52°15′18″N 9°39′25″W / 52.255°N 9.657°W / 52.255; -9.657
IE0002173 Blackwater River (Kerry) Upload a file Pont sur la BlackWater (Kerry).jpg Kerry Blackwater SAC County Kerry Q945892 51°53′35″N 9°45′25″W / 51.893°N 9.757°W / 51.893; -9.757
IE0002172 Blasket Islands Upload a file Dunmore-Head-and-Blasket-Islands.JPG Blasket Islands SAC County Kerry Q881960 52°05′10″N 10°34′34″W / 52.086°N 10.576°W / 52.086; -10.576
IE0001342 Cloonee and Inchiquin Loughs, Uragh Wood Upload a file Cloonee and Inchiquin Loughs, Uragh Wood SAC County Kerry Q5135099 51°48′14″N 9°41′49″W / 51.804°N 9.697°W / 51.804; -9.697
IE0002187 Drongawn Lough Upload a file Drongawn Lough SAC County Kerry 51°48′54″N 9°50′31″W / 51.815°N 9.842°W / 51.815; -9.842
IE0002315 Glanlough Woods Upload a file Glanlough Woods SAC County Kerry 51°52′12″N 9°26′28″W / 51.870°N 9.441°W / 51.870; -9.441
IE0002263 Kerry Head Shoal Upload a file Kerry Head Shoal SAC County Kerry Q34798398 52°26′46″N 10°03′47″W / 52.446°N 10.063°W / 52.446; -10.063
IE0000365 Killarney National Park, MacGillycuddy's Reeks and Caragh River Catchment Upload a file MacGuillycuddy's Reeks.jpg MacGillycuddy's Reeks SAC County Kerry Q1366878 51°57′54″N 9°44′38″W / 51.965°N 9.744°W / 51.965; -9.744
IE0000365 Killarney National Park, MacGillycuddy's Reeks and Caragh River Catchment Upload a file Caragh River SAC County Kerry Q5037626 51°57′54″N 9°44′38″W / 51.965°N 9.744°W / 51.965; -9.744
IE0002261 Magharee Islands Upload a file Magharees.jpg Magharee Islands SAC County Kerry Q691618 52°19′55″N 10°00′18″W / 52.332°N 10.005°W / 52.332; -10.005
IE0001881 Maulagowna Bog Upload a file Maulagowna Bog SAC County Kerry 51°48′50″N 9°37′55″W / 51.814°N 9.632°W / 51.814; -9.632
IE0002351 Moanveanlagh Bog Upload a file Moanveanlagh Bog SAC County Kerry 52°27′18″N 9°24′36″W / 52.455°N 9.410°W / 52.455; -9.410
IE0001371 Mucksna Wood Upload a file Mucksna Wood SAC County Kerry 51°52′05″N 9°35′28″W / 51.868°N 9.591°W / 51.868; -9.591
IE0001890 Mullaghanish Bog Upload a file Mullaghanish Bog SAC County Kerry 51°59′02″N 9°08′38″W / 51.984°N 9.144°W / 51.984; -9.144
IE0000382 Sheheree (Ardagh) Bog Upload a file Sheheree (Ardagh) Bog SAC County Kerry 52°02′24″N 9°28′52″W / 52.040°N 9.481°W / 52.040; -9.481
IE0002185 Slieve Mish Mountains Upload a file Baurtregaum, Derrymore Glen.jpg Slieve Mish Mountains SAC County Kerry Q2294156 52°12′11″N 9°48′36″W / 52.203°N 9.810°W / 52.203; -9.810
IE0002070 Tralee Bay and Magharees Peninsula, West to Cloghane Upload a file Traleebay.jpg Tralee Bay SAC County Kerry Q1091161 52°16′05″N 9°56′31″W / 52.268°N 9.942°W / 52.268; -9.942
IE0002070 Tralee Bay and Magharees Peninsula, West to Cloghane Upload a file 2019-07-26-Magharee Peninsula-0757.jpg Magharees Peninsula SAC County Kerry 52°16′05″N 9°56′31″W / 52.268°N 9.942°W / 52.268; -9.942
IE0002262 Valencia Harbour/Portmagee Channel Upload a file Valencia Harbour SAC County Kerry 51°55′30″N 10°19′01″W / 51.925°N 10.317°W / 51.925; -10.317
IE0002262 Valencia Harbour/Portmagee Channel Upload a file The Portmagee Channel - - 579403.jpg Portmagee Channel SAC County Kerry Q33129744 51°55′30″N 10°19′01″W / 51.925°N 10.317°W / 51.925; -10.317
IE0002279 Askeaton Fen Complex Upload a file Askeaton Fen Complex SAC County Limerick 52°34′55″N 8°55′08″W / 52.582°N 8.919°W / 52.582; -8.919
IE0000432 Barrigone Upload a file Barrigone SAC County Limerick 52°36′04″N 9°02′13″W / 52.601°N 9.037°W / 52.601; -9.037
IE0000930 Clare Glen Upload a file Clare Glens.JPG Clare Glen SAC County Limerick
County Tipperary
Q5126172 52°41′06″N 8°23′13″W / 52.685°N 8.387°W / 52.685; -8.387
IE0000174 Curraghchase Woods Upload a file Curraghchase Woods SAC County Limerick 52°35′46″N 8°52′19″W / 52.596°N 8.872°W / 52.596; -8.872
IE0000646 Galtee Mountains Upload a file Galty Mountains, Western Section.jpg Galtee Mountains SAC County Limerick
County Tipperary
Q1492751 52°22′01″N 8°08′42″W / 52.367°N 8.145°W / 52.367; -8.145
IE0001430 Glen Bog Upload a file Glen Bog SAC County Limerick 52°29′38″N 8°30′25″W / 52.494°N 8.507°W / 52.494; -8.507
IE0001432 Glenstal Wood Upload a file Glenstal Wood SAC County Limerick 52°40′01″N 8°23′02″W / 52.667°N 8.384°W / 52.667; -8.384
IE0000439 Tory Hill Upload a file Tory Hill SAC County Limerick Q26717977 52°32′17″N 8°41′10″W / 52.538°N 8.686°W / 52.538; -8.686
IE0002125 Anglesey Road SAC Upload a file Anglesey Road SAC SAC County Tipperary 52°39′11″N 8°05′46″W / 52.653°N 8.096°W / 52.653; -8.096
IE0000641 Ballyduff/Clonfinane Bog Upload a file Ballyduff/Clonfinane Bog SAC County Tipperary 53°04′52″N 8°00′11″W / 53.081°N 8.003°W / 53.081; -8.003
IE0002124 Bolingbrook Hill Upload a file Bolingbrook Hill SAC County Tipperary 52°45′54″N 8°11′10″W / 52.765°N 8.186°W / 52.765; -8.186
IE0001197 Keeper Hill Upload a file KeeperHill.jpg Keeper Hill SAC County Tipperary Q3778335 52°45′04″N 8°16′01″W / 52.751°N 8.267°W / 52.751; -8.267
IE0000647 Kilcarren-Firville Bog Upload a file Kilcarren-Firville Bog SAC County Tipperary 53°03′54″N 8°05′17″W / 53.065°N 8.088°W / 53.065; -8.088
IE0000934 Kilduff Mountain Upload a file Kilduff Mountain SAC County Tipperary Q26717276 52°49′34″N 7°54′29″W / 52.826°N 7.908°W / 52.826; -7.908
IE0001683 Liskeenan Fen Upload a file Liskeenan Fen SAC County Tipperary 53°02′10″N 8°03′11″W / 53.036°N 8.053°W / 53.036; -8.053
IE0002241 Lough Derg (North-east Shore) Upload a file Lough Derg - - 1387983.jpg Lough Derg (Munster) SAC County Tipperary
County Galway
Q918349 53°02′10″N 8°15′22″W / 53.036°N 8.256°W / 53.036; -8.256
IE0002257 Moanour Mountain Upload a file Moanour Mountain SAC County Tipperary 52°25′30″N 8°14′53″W / 52.425°N 8.248°W / 52.425; -8.248
IE0001847 Philipston Marsh Upload a file Philipston Marsh SAC County Tipperary 52°34′01″N 8°09′54″W / 52.567°N 8.165°W / 52.567; -8.165
IE0000939 IE0002258 Silvermine Mountains Upload a file Silvermine Mountains - - 793217.jpg Silvermine Mountains SAC County Tipperary Q3862462 52°46′44″N 8°13′48″W / 52.779°N 8.230°W / 52.779; -8.230
IE0002123 Ardmore Head Upload a file Ardmore Head SAC County Waterford Q26717542 51°56′38″N 7°42′36″W / 51.944°N 7.710°W / 51.944; -7.710
IE0001952 Comeragh Mountains Upload a file Coumshingaun in the Comeraghs.JPG Comeragh Mountains SAC County Waterford Q1762938 52°14′13″N 7°34′01″W / 52.237°N 7.567°W / 52.237; -7.567
IE0002324 Glendine Wood Upload a file Glendine Wood SAC County Waterford 52°07′12″N 7°35′10″W / 52.120°N 7.586°W / 52.120; -7.586
IE0000665 Helvick Head Upload a file 20120812 26 Ireland - Co. Waterford - Ballyvoile (7939021888).jpg Helvick Head SAC County Waterford Q85766195 52°02′53″N 7°32′31″W / 52.048°N 7.542°W / 52.048; -7.542
IE0000668 Nier Valley Woodlands Upload a file Nier Valley Woodlands SAC County Waterford 52°16′26″N 7°38′35″W / 52.274°N 7.643°W / 52.274; -7.643
IE0000671, 835 Tramore Dunes and Backstrand Upload a file Tramore Back Strand and Dunes.jpg Tramore Dunes and Backstrand SAC, RS County Waterford Q98106493 52°09′29″N 7°06′11″W / 52.158°N 7.103°W / 52.158; -7.103
830 Ballycotton Bay Upload a file Ballycotton Bay RS County Cork Q26716352 51°49′59″N 8°00′00″W / 51.833°N 8.000°W / 51.833; -8.000
837 Cork Harbour Upload a file Cork Harbor from Blackrock Castle.jpg Cork Harbour RS County Cork Q932369 51°49′59″N 8°15′00″W / 51.833°N 8.250°W / 51.833; -8.250
839 Dungarvan Harbour Upload a file Dungarvan.jpg Dungarvan Harbour RS County Waterford 51°49′59″N 8°15′00″W / 51.833°N 8.250°W / 51.833; -8.250
  1. AONB: Area of Outstanding Beauty, NP : National Park, NR : Natural Reserve, RS : Ramsar Site, SAC : Special Area of Conservation, SPA : Special Protection Area, BIS : Biosphere, GP : Geopark.