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Wiki Loves Earth 2021
Про конкурс

Wiki Loves Earth is an international photo contest, which aims to:

  • enrich Wikimedia projects supported with photographs of natural monuments and nature protected areas which are located in Ukraine;
  • promote the creation of as many photographs of Ukrainian natural monuments as possible, as well as provide all interested people and organizations with access to them;
  • support protection of the environment.

Ukrainian part of the contest take place on June 1-30.

The contest was started by Wikimedia Ukraine in 2013. This project was recognized as the second coolest project at Wikimania 2013.

You can find more information on the contests's site (in Ukrainian).

To participate, remember

All photos have to be your own.
Photos to the contests should be submitted in June 2021.
A photo should feature a natural monument, and the photo's description should contain geographical coordinates.
You place all photos under license CC BY-SA 4.0 or a "freer" license.
Participants have to indicate their email address in settings so that organizers can contact them if necessary.

How to participate
How to participate

Prepare a photo of a nature protected site in Ukraine.
Log in or sign up in Wikimedia Commons
Navigate to a relevant list of the region's natural monuments and find the object you need. You will find a button "Upload a photo" near each object.
Choose a relevant name for the file and, when possible, add a detailed description.
Share your thoughts about the contest using hashtag #ВЛЗ2021.
Wait for the results!
You can also see a gallery of the last year's winners.