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The global spread of COVID-19 pandemic has some impact on the activities related to Wiki Loves Earth 2021, and the aim of this page is to provide advice to local teams on how to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus in the light of the contest.

You can learn more about the coronavirus spread at the WHO site.

Limitations for offline events have been lifted[edit]

Please, check the Wikimedia Foundation's announcement of the removal of the Covid Travel Policy. Most of the Covid-19 related travel restrictions with Foundation Grant funding have been lifted.

The most important changes is:

  • The COVID-19 Risk Assessments are no longer required. The Wikimedia Foundation is able to support proposals that include international travel expenses.

Reccomendations for in-person events:

  • Where possible, all event attendees are vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Organizers and participants check on and follow local restrictions and rules in their own country and in the destination country that is hosting the event.
  • Organizers review the in-person event checklist to support their preparation.
  • Event organizers consider including travel booking services and insurance as part of their plans and budgeting proposals where needed.

Advice on fostering online activities for WLE[edit]

Some specific advice on how to handle the situation includes:

  • We encourage you to organize events on increasing contributions (edit-a-thons, upload sessions, public presentations, etc.) held online. You may request funds for online platforms or online promotion if needed Rapid Funds can support temporary subscription services for video conferencing, expenses for temporary wired or wireless data plans etc.) and overall put more effort into online outreach.
  • Please advise participants to focus on documenting local natural sites in their area (e.g. within cycling distance from their home).
  • You may also encourage and give incentives to other activities, which are related to the contest indirectly and can be done from home; such as improving Wikipedia, Wikivoyage or Wikidata content on natural sites, getting permissions on images published online by others, or using pictures from previous years to illustrate Wikimedia projects in different languages.
    For some advice on which activities to hold, see an article in Wiki Loves Earth blog: How to make Wiki Loves Earth photos visible on Wikipedia: Experience of Sweden and other countries.