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International jury[edit]

The best photos of Wiki Loves Earth are chosen by an independent panel of jury members of photographers and Wikimedians from across the world. Meet the jury of Wiki Loves Earth 2022!

Osama Silwadi[edit]

Osama Silwadi is a Palestinian photojournalist, visual storyteller, archivist, and folklorist. He started his professional career in 1991. During the first Palestinian Intifada, he faced difficulties and challenges and was in danger as he worked in the conflict areas. In October 2006, Osama was seriously injured by a stray bullet during a march in the center of Ramallah, which resulted in paralysis of the lower limbs. Silwadi has won titles inspired by his work in documenting the Palestinian heritage, including "The Eye of Palestine" and the "Palestinian Heritage documenter". Osama was the international jury member of the previous WLE editions in 2020 and 2021 and was glad to continue contributing to the contest this year.

Carlos Figueroa[edit]

Carlos Figueroa is a Chilean dentist and active Wikipedian since 2005 and has contributed to Wikimedia Commons since then. As a part of the Wikimedia Chile board since 2017 and chair since 2020, he has been in charge of the “Chile in images” project which portrays the main cultural events in the country. Also, Carlos was a member of the national jury of the 2018 and 2019 editions of Wiki Loves Earth, and a jury for other photographic contests, such as “6 months that changed Chile” and “Revealing Sites”. Carlos was the international jury member of the previous WLE editions in 2020 and 2021 and was glad to continue contributing to the contest this year.

Arjun Suri[edit]

Arjun is a filmmaker and photographer based in Mumbai, India. For over a decade he is working on projects across a wide range of audio-visual crafts including screenwriting, directing, editing, cinematography, and photography. One of his directions in photography is travel and landscape, which is especially valuable for Wiki Loves Earth photos evaluation. Arjun was the international jury member of the previous WLE edition in 2021 and was glad to continue contributing to the contest this year.

Oleksii Vasyliuk[edit]

Oleksii Vasyliuk is a Ukrainian environmentalist specializing in protected areas and biodiversity conservation. He graduated from the Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv with a zoology degree. Since 2004, Oleksiy has served in the Animal Monitoring and Conservation program at the Institute of Zoology (Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences). He participates actively in the work of several professional community organizations, including past cooperation with the Friends of Nature society at Kyiv University, Ukraine National Environmental Center, and Environment-People-Law. Since 2014, Oleksiy has led the Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group, a biologist experts organization. He is the author of more than 700 publications related to environmental conservation, largely in popular science. He has also co-authored 20 articles and four books about the environmental impacts of Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. He has initiated the creation of more than 60 new protected areas in Ukraine. Oleksiy is an assistant to deputies of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, defending interests of nature protection. His interests include biodiversity monitoring, protected areas, and the history of environmental conservation.

Shani Evenstein Sigalov[edit]

Shani Evenstein Sigalov is an Israeli educator, researcher, and Free Knowledge advocate, focusing on bridging gender, language, and social gaps. She teaches at Tel Aviv University, where she explores the intersection between technology, education, and Openness, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the School of education, focusing on learning via the Semantic Web, more specifically, using Wikidata as a learning platform. Shani joined the Wikimedia Movement in 2011 and has been heavily involved in Outreach efforts. While serving on the Board of Wikimedia Israel, Shani has been involved in setting up Wiki Loves Monuments, both in creating partnerships for the competition, as well as serving as a judge in the competition. As an amateur photographer (and married to a professional photographer), she has a deep appreciation of Art & photography and enjoys adding free-licensed media files to WikiCommons. She especially enjoys adding portraits (or videos) of notable people she encounters, places she traveled to, or dishes she cooks or bakes. She even participated in the #100WikiCommonsDays Challenge. Though she failed the challenge miserably, she believes every Wikimedian should take on the challenge and looks forward to a time when she can take it up again. As of 2019, she serves on the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation and is currently the Vice Chair of the Board. Shani was the international jury member of the previous WLE edition in 2020 and was glad to continue contributing to the contest this year.

Susanna Ånäs[edit]

Susanna Ånäs is a coordinator by practice and an artist, photographer, and documentarist at heart. Having joined the Wikimedia movement in 2012, she now runs the AvoinGLAM group in Helsinki, Finland, promoting open access to cultural heritage. The group likes to interpret GLAM as Global Languages, Art, and Memory instead of the institutional Galleries, Libraries, and Museums. The focus of the work is on urgent and important issues, and bringing people together from across domain boundaries to work and learn together on them in case studies, experiments, or events like the co-creation "hackathon" Hack4OpenGLAM. Susanna has organized Wiki Loves Monuments in Finland three times. She wishes to explore and promote ways in which open culture advocates can make a positive impact on vulnerable and threatened cultural heritage or secure environmental sustainability.

Evelin Heidel[edit]

Evelin Heidel is a Wikimedian based in Uruguay. She's currently leading the work of Wikimedistas de Uruguay, and one of her main areas of interest is climate change & sustainability topics, so much so that she's pursuing a Master's on the topic of Economics & Law of Climate Change! She has been following WLE's campaign with attention and she's happy to have been invited this year to be part of the jury.

Ananya Mondal[edit]

Ananya is a veteran Wikimedian, hobbyist nature photographer, and conservationist from India. She is also fond of Forest Survey, Rock Climbing, and Himalayan Trekking. In photography, her special love is shooting Butterflies and that's why she started and still has been operating successfully a scientifically-based WMF-granted project on species and subspecies level detailed documentation of butterflies of West Bengal and North-East India entitled Wiki Loves Butterfly (WLB) for the past 6 years with a group of enthusiast Wikipedians, lepidopterists, naturalists, researchers, scientific organizations, etc. hailing from different parts of India. She is also known as Butterfly Wikimedian and received the Wikimedian of the Year 2021 Rich Media Award. Ananya is one of the members of the Organizing team of Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) in India and Wiki Loves Food (WLF) in India. Ananya was the international jury member of the previous WLE edition in 2018 and was glad to continue contributing to the contest this year.

Aishik Rehman[edit]

Aishik Rehman is an associate member of Wikimedia Bangladesh, organizer of Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2021 and Wiki Loves Children as well as Wikipedia Asian Month 2021, Wiki Loves Monuments 2022, Wiki Loves Folklore '21-'22. Also, he is an administrator at bn.wiktionary and an Interface administrator at bn.wiktionary and bn.wikibooks.

Lodewijk Gelauff[edit]

Lodewijk Gelauff is a Ph.D. student in Management Science and Engineering in California and an enthusiast Wikimedian from the Netherlands. In his research, he focuses on facilitating complex decisions to be made in a democratic way with the use of online tools. He is a Dutch Wikipedian and was one of the founders of Wiki Loves Monuments and has led its international team for several years. Wiki Loves Monuments has become the largest photography competition in the world and is a sibling competition to Wiki Loves Earth.